March 30, 2015

Advanced QSH Launching

I spent the last 3 days teaching a marvelous group of advanced QSH students.  What a pleasure it was to spend time with healers who were interested in not only enhancing their skills, but also gaining clarity and insights into their own spiritual paths.  The most intense day was Friday, which is always the day during a workshop that I pack in the information.  Things get easier from that point, and by Sunday afternoon, we were all ready for something fun and interesting.  One of the students had earlier requested that we do a launching, and so we split up into 2 groups and had a go at it.  For the most part, there was pretty good success, which is generally not the norm for first time launchers.

As always, you need an intention before being launched so that you do not merely flounder about in the land beyond once you are sent on your journey.  My intent for my launching was to find out where I would go after I leave the 4th dimensional arena for the last time.  Immediately upon being sent up and out by my group, I became a glowing cosmic body, much like a comet, and started shedding smaller particles of light as I went higher and faster.  This action continued until the point when I assumed that all of the shedding had been completed, and my cosmic body was cleared and purified of all heavy energy and any remaining patterning from 4D. 

I then hovered for a bit in a dark space just waiting for something to happen.  Very soon, tiny sparkles of golden light started pouring down from my cosmic body.  They spread out below me in a flat plane.  Then, tiny glowing threads of energy began connecting these sparkles as if creating a grid.  Then the grid began to buckle to create hills and valleys.  Then more buckling and the creation of a variety of shapes and forms.  Even though there was probably more to see and experience at this point, I felt complete and returned as my group called me back from my journey. 

What did this all mean?  I have recently been fascinated with the process of creating in the physical using some sort of energetic template.  I know that the transmitting and adjusting of the creative templates occurs in the 9th dimensional center of our Milky Way Galaxy, but it was my impression that I had traveled way beyond that location.  Could I have exited this universe altogether?  Quite possibly.  Was I creating another universe?  What fun would that be!  I also felt that the patterns that were being created weren’t in the physicality of 3D, or maybe not even in 4D.  Not all universes contain the lower dimensions as ours does, I am sure. 

I am sharing this information because we all have these possibilities and potentials within us.  We are the grand creators of this universe.  It is just a matter of re-membering who we are and what we can accomplish, and also developing the spiritual maturity to use these gifts.  With a snap of the fingers, one could clean up the pollution on the planet, or on the other hand, destroy a whole city.  After I finish up with the beginning level QSH students that are coming in 3 weeks, I am hoping to have a good chunk of time this summer to just sit, contemplate, and meditate.  This type of manifestation is definitely something that I would like to delve into further.  I'll keep you posted. 

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  1. "Was I creating another universe? What fun would that be! I also felt that the patterns that were being created weren’t in the physicality of 3D, or maybe not even in 4D. Not all universes contain the lower dimensions as ours does, I am sure. "

    It sounds like you are creating a Pure Land! How wonderful!