January 20, 2015


During the session that I referred to in the previous post, “The Human Form”, I picked up a few other tid bits from the puppet masters of the Reptilians.  This involved the theme of separation.

It’s pretty clear that we as humans are not only separate from each other, but there is also the matter of internal separation as well.  By this I mean the inability of the vast majority of people to make an internal connection with their guidance, body messages, emotions, and wounded inner child.  I find that this is a struggle for a lot of my clients, even though this inner connection holds the key to healing and wholeness. 

The puppet master said that one of their agendas for us is to keep people separate from one another.  As soon as a person or group gets too close to healing the gap, something happens to pull them back once again.  This tendency is certainly exploited by the powers that be in the realms of politics, religion, race, finance and relationships of all kinds.  The result is an endless cycle of drama and trauma on the world stage.  We are constantly being distracted from that all important inner connection that is a necessity for our growth.   It’s all so very tiring. 

As long as we exist in the world of polarity, perhaps coming together as one is not a possibility at all.  In spite of all of the talk over the years of unity consciousness and uniting for common purpose, that seems harder and harder to accomplish.  I propose a different solution.  What about separate and different but equal?  Honoring each other for our differences and leaving it at that.  Respecting each other’s boundaries.  Dealing with and in the world with true integrity at all times.  Using your inner compass to guide you through life’s troubling events.  What a wonderful world that would be! 

But here is the crux of the matter.  The disconnect from one’s inner compass and guidance systems.  Once we heal that internal gap using self love and self respect, no external power can take that away.  Our true unity with each other will come once we transcend the 3rd and 4th dimensional realms of polarity, but in the mean time, what about unity within and respect and allowing without.


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  2. Yes Lionel. You are right. Life should not be a struggle. If it is then we r dealing with Soul lessons. But we can not murge our conscious until we love & know ourselves