January 1, 2015

Creating Your New Year

Happy 2015 everyone!  For the past week I have been tuning into the energy of this New Year and my sense is that we will all experience something that has not come our way for a very long time.  The primal unformed energy that surrounds us has been flowing, percolating and tingling!  It is ripe for the plucking so to speak.  This year of 2015 will provide infinite possibilities for creating where you wish to go from this point forwards.  We just have to know what we want and go for it.

Now, I am not talking about material possessions and financial security, although that is of a concern for many of you.  I am talking about manifesting your higher destiny from your heart and soul, from your core essence and your Higher Self.  Once that starts cranking along, the rest will follow.  I do have to add that in numerological terms, the year 2015 is the global number 8, which does deal with finances.  For more information on that, check out Glynis McCants' website at www.numberslady.com. 

This morning I received a process that you can use to take advantage of the energetic opportunities that have been presented to us at the start of this year.  We have an energetic window of several days, but you can also repeat this at any time after this coming weekend. 

First of all, sit quietly and get into a meditative state.  If you have a favorite sound track for meditation or a Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD, you might want to put that on.  When you are settled, start by feeling gratitude and appreciation for everything that you are and have right now, no matter what it may be.  Feel those emotions to their fullest and give thanks.

Next, get some sense of what you would like to create for 2015.  Use your guidance and intuition for this.  Your Higher Self may know better than you do as far as what potentials and possibilities are out there for you to grab onto.  Even if your desires are more of a material nature, such as health or finances, you can ask to be shown the higher intent behind the shifting of these issues.  Get a clear idea of what you would like to work with and set that as your intent for this exercise.

If you are able to, access the quantum field, which is the “everywhere and everywhen” of our reality.  If you have no expertise in this just ask to connect to it and assume that you are there.  Take some time with this part. 

You then project your energetic intent into the quantum field.  Make this a strong and clear intent.  You might even verbalize it out loud at this point.  “My intent for 2015 is to be/do/have/manifest/create ….” Put some energy into it.  See it and feel it. This will project the framework for your intent into the quantum field.  If you are visual, this framework may look like a lattice, matrix, spider’s web or any other similar structure.  It will also be barely visible as it is merely a form to be fleshed out. 

Because of your strong intent, minute particles of primal energy will start streaming towards and adhering to your framework.  This looked to me like quite a scene from outer space or a science fiction movie!  As this is happening, you may also have strong feelings of joy and anticipation for your manifesting destiny.  Even if you are not visual, stay with this step as long as you can.  Have certainty that your intent is being manifest for you.  Enjoy the joy and anticipation! 

Now this is the cool part.  When I went through this process this morning, and after my framework was totally fleshed out, a strong glowing light came from above it and ignited the whole thing.  I saw streams of this glowing energy travel out in all directions into every part of the framework, which then started to glow, too.  My sense was that the origin of this light was my aspect that exists at the core of the Milky Way Galaxy where all patterning is created, analyzed and adjusted. 

The last step is to once again feel gratitude and appreciation for what you have received and what you are creating for 2015.  Then gently drift back to your waking consciousness and go about your day.  I have to say that I was a bit spacey after doing this, so make sure that you are present and grounded before you do something like operating power equipment or driving your car!  Ha!!!  Also, trust that your intent has started to manifest for you.  This exercise does not need to be repeated.  Do it and then forget about it.  You can however repeat it with a different theme in mine, but still don’t overdo it. 

Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous 2015.  Big changes are afoot in our personal lives and for the planet.  I suspect that we will look back a year from now and be in awe at how far we have come.  Blessings to all!


  1. Thanks for the tip !!! Salamat ! Mucho Gracia ! Hope to awaken fully this 2015 year !!! Blessings to the entire Human Race and Mother Earth Sophia !