August 31, 2014

So Many Choices

I was in a bit of a rush to put the last post up, so I feel the need to expand on what I wrote in “Alert”.  The energy has certainly settled down in the last few days, but the push is still on.  I don’t think that it will be letting up any time soon. 

In the last post I wrote about the increasing number of distractions facing us lately.  I described the graduation birth canal as now being somewhat  twisted and having many new doors that open into an unknown series of possibilities.  Our evolution forward is not a straight shot to victory.  It is more like a maze to be traversed.  I am now proposing that the recent heavy and somewhat confusing energy that has shown up is a result of the synthetic matrix’s efforts to keep us contained and keep our energy levels down.  One could look at this as just another in a series of roadblocks thrown in our way. 

Each day may contain a sometimes baffling series of choices that we need to make.  Scientific studies have shown that if a person is presented with more than several choices, the reaction is to make no choice, or at best, a poorly thought out choice that does not serve.   There is confusion and dissatisfaction with the whole process.  Progress is not made.  Stagnation can be the result. 

To keep things really simple, we can boil these choices down to the ones that take us towards the synthetic matrix, or the ones that keep us on the organic path.  We live in a world of polarity and the synthetic vs. organic theme is the biggest polarity that we deal with on a daily basis. 

How does one know the difference?  For me, the organic path is so much simpler as it is directed by my heart and soul and my internal connection to my Higher Self.  It is self affirming, peaceful and natural.  No muss, no fuss, and with a nice flow to it.  The firm connection to these aspects of self dictates choices for the highest good of the self and for harmonious interactions with the surrounding world.  The physical body also feels good on the organic path. 

The synthetic path is so much more complicated, and has a myriad of choices built into it to add to the confusion and entrapment.  It is more a world of the mind and driven by one’s inner wounds until such time as those wounds are healed.  Here is where we encounter the many distractions placed in front of us to entrap and divert us.  The most significant of these right now are all of the technological gadgets that vie for our attention, the news agendas as promoted by the mass media, religious dogma, world politics and the big business of health care.  Keep in mind that at a basic level, these are not the problems but the solutions fed to us for the managing of the already created problems and their associated agendas. 

Have you ever heard of the acronym KISS?  Keep It Simple Stupid.  I would say that that policy definitely applies here.  The organic path is simple, direct, uncomplicated and life affirming at all times.  It requires surrendering to your heart, soul and Higher Self, as they know how to follow the organic path.  When mind gets involved, things tend to go awry as one’s mind is very much connected to the synthetic matrix and can be driven by the wants and needs of the lower self.  Mind is much more likely to choose the synthetic matrix pathway to satisfy its needs.  

This is a singular path and not suitable for everyone on the planet at this time.  Many will need more 3D experience before graduating.  That is as it should be.  For the rest of us, be the observer and use your discernment at all times when making choices.  KISS!  Be alert and notice the traps set in front of you to pull you off of your path.  Even then, slip ups will occur.  Don’t beat yourself up about that.  The other side is very cleaver.  If you go through the wrong door, just come back and return to the organic.  It’s all in the learning that we are here to do. 

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  1. Yes i really fell like Alice in wonderland ;)
    KISS! acronym-
    Kaip ilgiuosi savo svajones :))