August 21, 2014

Oh Mama Again!

There is a situation going on here that I have been hesitating to write about because it is a personal matter.  I decided to go for it now because my experience may be of assistance to one of you facing a similar issue.

For the past several days I have been harassed, maligned and threatened by a client who didn’t like her Quantum Sphere Healing session and wanted me to refund her fee.  She has sent multiple e-mails in this regard.  I did not respond to any of them as she was also pursuing financial restitution through PayPal and her bank.  PayPal sided with me, but her bank did not, so the refund was sent through today.  I am assuming that the harassment will stop now, but one never knows. 

I have been searching my consciousness as to first of all why she had such a bad reaction to the healing work, and secondly, what the meaning of all of this is for me and my healing practice.  As those of you who have worked with me know, I give each and every session my all and do not mince words when I give my client a report at the end of the session.  Except for just a few clients that I have worked with in the past many years, everyone is accepting and appreciative of the work, even though they may not either understand it or agree with everything.  Even those in that category understand that work was done on their behalf and that they have made a shift for the positive.

Last year I wrote a post entitled “Oh Mama” in which I talked about the many problems one can have with mother issues and what the causes for these issues may be.  As I have worked through my mother issues, I have gotten fewer to almost no clients and students projecting their mother issues on me.  This is as it should be, as our unresolved issues are mirrored to us from other people. As we resolve, we get less and less of that coming back at us.

This week’s events fell into the mother category.  Even though my client’s issue did not relate to her mother directly, those issues certainly got triggered for her during the session, as her e-mails all had to do with the “mother” issue in a variety of indirect ways.  Somehow in my imagination I expect a client to hold up a sign that says “I’m touchy.  Treat me with kid gloves.  Please mother me”.  Those with unresolved mother issues do need special handling at times, but I think that I missed the clues with this one.  So I have revisited my own lingering mother issues and resolved more of that for myself. 

It is not unusual for other issues to be triggered for a client during a session.  Most of my people recognize that and with the homework that I give for post session work, have the tools to work through any distress that comes up.  In my ideal world I would be working with spiritually evolving clients who know how to articulate and own their issues, and who are interested in clearing the blocks to their spiritual evolution.  That would be really juicy and productive work for both of us.  How rewarding would that be!!! 


  1. I know you have worked through this and your part of it. That being said, I am so sorry this happened. Regardless of understanding, I can't imagine it feels good.
    I enjoy your blog so much and truly appreciate your willingness to share. You seem to be a woman who stands in her integrity and I am excited to meet you in person and take part in your workshop in a few weeks.
    Stefanie Butler

  2. Thank you for your support Stefanie! It means a lot. Looking forward also to meeting you in person on the 5th. Carla