August 27, 2014


The energy has felt off to me since Monday, and I had just assumed that I was still recovering from having my guest here last weekend.  The off feeling has continued so I looked into it a bit today.  I do not have the full picture but thought it wise to give a heads up on what I am sensing.

We must be getting close to a big change in our evolution, as it appears that the game has just been amped up.  What I am seeing is that more and more roadblocks are being put in our way almost as if the graduation birth canal is being twisted and narrowed.  Side channels are appearing in such a way that the straight forward path has become harder to find.  Doors are appearing where they didn't exist previously, and most of those doors lead to dead ends. 

Distractions, both personal and global, are constantly vying for our attention.  My weekend guest was one of the personal distractions designed to take me off of my path momentarily.  Another friend of mine wondered why I was not as worked up about the kidnapped girls in Africa as she was.   Another distraction, as we don't know the whole story because of the mass media agendizing of the news.  These are just 2 examples of how this works.

Now is the time to keep to the straight and narrow and have your radar fully operational.  Do not let anything pull you from your path.  Be awake and aware and make appropriate choices in a conscious manner.  Clean up your interactions with other people and keep your eyes open.  Do not get caught in the web of deception now trying to entrap you.  For this post, I used a photo of a lighthouse from my recent trip to Scotland to symbolize the inner guidance that each of you have that will enable you to steer clear of the rocks that lay in wait to sink your ship.  It is a time for the separating of the wheat from the chaff.  Which will you be? 

As I am writing this, a big rain storm has come up.  Google has also tried to disconnect me several times.  I will post now so that I do not lose this information.  Later.   


  1. Thanks for posting this Carla. I also felt like something was a bit off this week and even took a few days of work as a result.

  2. It has been a very interesting week for me. My sleep has been almost non-existent and some old mental loops running. have really been focusing on staying centered, not making any decisions about anything and basically just staying on the road. It really makes me understand how important a daily practice of centering and meditation is, as well as focusing on gratitude. Like how grateful I am to be coming out there this week! Yeah. Thanks for sharing.