March 29, 2014

The ET Profile

The information in this post should be especially interesting to the healing practitioners out there and many of you may have seen what I will be describing.  Others of you may sense that this information applies to you, too.  It’s hard to say what percentage of the population has this, but I see a fair amount of it in my healing practice.  I call it the ET Profile.

Now, each and every human on the planet has some ET DNA.  In other words, it is genetically inherited from one’s ancestors.  It is my understanding that we are the way we are because of the ancient mating and experimenting that went on eons ago between the more primitive earth humans of that time and the many extraterrestrial races that visited here and are still visiting.  The most predominant races that I find associated with clients are the Reptilians and all of their variations, the short Grays, the tall Grays, the Nordics and the Ewoks (ala Star Wars).  There are many more of course, but these show up the most. 

For most of us, this mixture of human and humanoid is not a problem, but for some, it can be a very big problem.  When I do an intake interview on a new client, I pay attention to issues like insomnia, migraines, chronic headaches, eye problems, ear problems or any disease of the brain such as tumors.  Add to the list night terrors, invisible playmates or entities in the bedroom in childhood or fear of the dark.

 If one has ever even seen a UFO, that is an indicator that there is a heavy ET influence at work.  On the Saturday March 1st Coast to Coast AM program, guest host David Ruben was interviewing John Lear, son of the inventor of the Lear Jet.  John was rattling through a long list of topics that he wanted to cover, when the subject of UFOs came up.  When David mentioned that he had seen one at some point in the past, John chimed in with “If you see it, you are on it.”  He even repeated that phrase several times.  Over the next 10-15 minutes or so, the program host had a meltdown and panic attack right on the air!  The thought of being on a space ship was apparently too much for him.  I thought they were going to shut the show down, but he finally got it together.  All the while, John just kept going through his list of topics.  I have always known that if you see a UFO, the UFO also sees you. John Lear took that a step further by saying that you also have an aspect on the ship that you are seeing.  Now I am so glad that I have never seen a UFO, and no longer have the desire to do so.  

The human energy field is more magnetic while the ET energy is very electric.  If one has a strong ET lineage, they will most likely have energetic implants in their head.  Occasionally they show up in the tail bone as well.  To track these, I just run my hands over the client’s head and sense for the energy that the implant is giving off.  It could be electrical sparking, a focused stream of cold air, or the sensation of static electricity.  I then go through a specific procedure to remove the implants while at the same time paying attention to which ET race shows up while I am doing this.  By the time I am done with the procedure, the ET has disappeared. 

This gets me back to the ET Profile.  In cases where I detect the presence of the energetic implants, there is a lot of energetic activity in the head area in general.  There is so much that it is out of balance with the rest of the body.  The other part of the profile is that in every case where I have found energetic implants in the head, the client is also severely ungrounded. 

Humans should have a grounding cord that flows down from the tailbone and connects into the center of the earth at the other end.  We are the children of this planet and need to be intimately connected to the Earth Mother’s heart and soul at her core.  The ET agenda is to prevent us from doing this.  What is the reason?  Domination and control through our lack of personal autonomy and freedom.  One who is ungrounded is also out of their body as a result and is easier to manipulate in a wide variety of ways. 

What is the remedy here?  Dissolve the energetic implants.  Clear any other existing patterns that are hindering the client’s grounding ability.  Teach the client to ground themselves into the heart of the Earth Mother every day.  For most, the progress with the grounding will be gradual.  The end goal for all of this is to return to our totally human state as co creators and partners with our planet. 

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