March 1, 2014

Rain Dance

I woke up early this morning to a glorious sound outside.  It was rain, and lots of it.  We haven’t had this much precipitation here in SW Colorado since the monsoon last August.  The current flow is coming over from California and the mountains are getting up to 3 feet of snow in some places.  We need all the moisture that we can get at this point, so a gloomy rainy day is not a bad thing.

A few days ago, I went hiking near Bluff, Utah with my friend Cassandra.  As we were coming back to the trailhead a breeze started to blow and some very beautiful feathery clouds started to form towards the north.  Rain for the next day was in the forecast and we took those clouds to be the leading edge of the front.  I made the comment that when the Native American shamans did their rain dances to bring in much needed moisture for their crops, they always waited for a moment like this.  There was no sense in doing the rain dance under a clear sunny sky!  They certainly knew what they were doing and when to do it for maximum success.

This brings me to an issue that I see quite often nowadays.  So many people are stuck and stagnant right now and they haven’t a clue as to what their next step should be.  It can be very frustrating!  Part of that frustration is because we as human beings have been designed with a deep inner urge to keep moving and keep evolving along the path that our Higher Selves have laid out for us. The goal is to eventually graduate from this earthly arena at some time in the future.  The natural flow of evolution, at least at this point in the grand scheme of the cycles of time, is to move upwards and outwards.  To resist those urges and flows can generate frustration, depression, stagnation and even physical illness.

Why would one resist this evolutionary flow?  Fear is a huge reason.  We can have fear of the unknown, fear of making a mistake and being criticized or made fun of, fear of financial loss, fear of upsetting the status quo in any number of ways, and on and on.  On the other end of the spectrum, some people get so utterly stuck in their particular groove in life that it may seem almost impossible to jump the tracks! 

In one sense, it may seem to take great courage to make a change.  A number of years ago I left my marriage of 25 years because the discontinuity between who I had to be in my marriage and who I was as a spiritual being became too great. I’m sure a lot of friends and relatives thought I was nuts, including my ex-husband.  It was a time of total deconstruction of my former self and it took a number of years to reconstruct a new life.  During this time I also embarked on my shaman’s path which was of tremendous help in the reconstruction.  Courage?  Perhaps, but at the time, I left out of a sense of “do it or die” self preservation. 

If one just keeps their eyes open they will see the many opportunities that abound around them.  As I have said many times before, we have been in a state of worldwide chaos and flux for some time now.  This is the perfect time for making a change and moving forward.  My shamanic training showed up through a series of chain events orchestrated by my Higher Self at a time when I needed it the most.  Be your own shaman.  If those cloudy wisps of opportunity do not seem to be showing up right now, go ahead and call them in.  Keep calling, but also keep your eyes open.  When they do show up, do your rain dance.  Revel in the opportunity being presented to you and do it with joy, not trepidation.  Take a chance.  In the greater scheme of things, there really is nothing to loose. 

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