February 24, 2014

The Other Side of Compression

Our launching group met yesterday for our February get together, and because my launch journey was so pertinent to where a lot of us are right now on our evolutionary path, I decided to give it its own post title.  It seems that we are now entering a several month’s period of accelerated change.  This is in part evidenced by the ongoing astrological alignments that are reflecting the world and personal chaos, and the continued breakdown of energetic structures of all kinds.  The wild ride continues.

As always, everyone needs a theme and intent for their launching.  In light of the challenges I might face in the coming months, my intent was to receive information, energetic tools and personal energetic changes that would support me.  I was not disappointed.
As soon as I expanded my core essence and was launched outwards I perceived 2 beings of light on either side of me propelling me forward.  It really did feel like they had me by the armpits as we sped towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  If you read my post on this, it will give you some idea of what goes on there.  It is no ordinary black hole, but a dimensional shifting point where information and energetic patterns are adjusted and installed in many different ways. 

Once inside the stargate, I was stripped of the heavy energy of the ongoing compression that we have all been subject to for eons.  What a feeling of expansion and lightness came over me.  We are so used to the very heavy world that we exist in that we have forgotten this feeling, which is more of our natural state. 

I then went through the dimensional shift as I popped through the back side of the Stargate Milky Way.  Time for an epiphany here!  If you have read George Kavassilas’ book “Our Universal Journey”, he has a diagram on page 168 showing the road to full compression and the rebirthing of our eternal essence once we pop out the other side of the cosmic birthing canal.  Was this what I was being shown here?  I truly believe that I was getting not only a preview of the process but the informational imprinting of how to do this once my time came.  Wow!!!

A very short time after that, I entered the orifice or entry/exit portal of our universe.  The creator being or godhead was there to greet me as always.  To me, this space looks and feels like a very large bubble of energy with a “hallway” leading out of it and out of our universe.  There are always beings that are waiting in alcoves on either side of the hallway but whether they are coming or going, I never know. 

As I continued to expand, I perceived some dark beings approaching me as they came down the hallway.  I was still in the bubble, not the hallway.  My sense was that they were from another universe altogether.  This was their message.  They said that in these next few months when we are still in the chaotic deconstructing stage and are not quite reformulated in a new form, we are the most vulnerable.  They will try to get in and invade to take advantage of this.  This could be on a personal level all the way up to and beyond governmental and worldwide structures. 

We have already seen this in recent years.  The fall of communism in the Soviet Union enabled the Russian mafia to take hold.  The Arab spring in Egypt left the door open for yet another abusive government to come to power.  Ukraine is in the same position now with the overthrow of their current government.  Who will take their place?  All is in flux there. 

Just before these dark beings reached the end of the hallway to enter the bubble of the portal, I had expanded enough to be able to create a barrier that would seal them out.  At the same time I yelled a firm “No—Never again”.  My expansion then continued until I was as big as the universe, matching the boundary of my field with its boundary to reinforce it. 

My time was up as my launcher gave the call back signal with her rattle and started pulling me in.  One generally comes back the same way they went out, and what was interesting about my return was that even though I came back through the stargate of the Milky Way Galaxy, I did not go through the energetic repatterning that always happens there. I returned to my body pretty much in the same state as I was when I expanded into the universe.  Needless to say, I was a bit spacey at this point. 

Another epiphany occurred after everyone had left.  I had been wondering about those who will graduate/ascend/incend and will come back to planet earth to assist others for a while after this event.  How would we avoid dropping down in density and erasing all of our progress when this happens?  From what I can tell, we will be able to maintain the vibration of our eternal essence and come back to be of service for a while before leaving for good.  I hadn’t thought that this would be possible until now. It may also be an individual ability that is the destiny of that particular person and not a possibility for everyone.

So how to make your way through the next few months?  Keep your core essence expanded and strong and keep your connection to the Pachamama intact.  She knows what she is doing at all times.  Don’t let the chaos carry you away before you reformulate yourself if even briefly.  Be the observer of the chaos and don’t contribute to it.  And as always, have fun with whatever is going on in your world. 

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