February 21, 2014

Conversation with GK

This past Wednesday night I had the honor of being able to chat with George Kavassilas on Skype for almost 2 hours.  I had met him a few years ago at his workshop in Chicago and it was nice to have another “face to face” conversation!  He has been working on the follow up book to “Our Universal Journey” for some time now.  This new book takes off from the previous one with new insights and exercises that will enhance the evolutionary process for many.  When it will be out, I don’t know, but I am looking forward to reading more from George.

I did want to share with George my next step after the chakra removal, namely the breaking up and dissolving of the skin of my Luminous Energy Field.  I suspect that this is happening to many people as their next step, even though they may not be aware of it.  Our launching group has checked each other several times, and the dissolving of the LEF seems to be a gradual affair at this point.  This process can certainly be accelerated by the frequent expansion of the core essence, by being in a high vibrational environment such as a natural vortex area or inside a pyramid, or within a gathering of a group of high vibrating individuals. 

According to George, the latest step in his personal evolution is all about relationship.  He is actively calling the energy of the soul of the Earth Mother into his core, and then bringing in the divine masculine energy of Father Sun to merge with the divine feminine. 

I also mentioned that even after the removal of the chakras and kundalini, the pineal gland still needs some extra treatment to clear completely.  George agreed.  It is a biological implant, and because of this, it can’t just be plucked out of the body.  There are worldwide reports of people’s pineal glands calcifying. This has been blamed on fluoride in the water.  The truth is that this is happening in populations where there is no fluoride in the water.  I even got a link from a friend to a site giving advice on how to stop the calcification and rejuvenate the pineal!  Both George and I have methods for clearing this gland, which holds all of our genetic lineages, and most particularly, the deliberate mutations and distortions that have led to the state of enslavement (among other issues) that we are all dealing with now.  I say, let that pineal calcify completely and turn into a tiny solid inactive mass. 

He has also been working with his amygdala as the anchor into the body of the feminine energy of the Earth and the pituitary as the anchor of the masculine energy of the Sun.  The pineal is left out of the equation all together! 

One wonderful confirmation from George came towards the end of our conversation.  He said that I am one of the ancient ones that helped design the system of compression (re “Our Universal Journey”) that we are all immersed in here in 3D.  That rang very true to me and explains the sometimes unexplainable deep to the bones fatigue that occasionally comes up.  I do feel like I have been here forever!  Reminds me of the musical “Stop the World, I Want to get Off”.  Of course, we all chose to be here for the massive growth and evolutionary opportunities that are afforded to those who graduate from this system.  It is not yet time, but soon.  If we can hang on just a little bit longer, we will reap the fruits of our labor.


  1. So glad you got to meet with him! I have been working with the amygdala also and when I do it stimulates something in my 1st eye region. I was thinking pineal, so i am interested in your comments on that. I have also been working with the 1st dimension iron core crystal in Mother Earth in sessions lately. I enjoy working with barbara hand clows information in the alchemy of nine dimensions. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I am also a fan of Barbara Hand Clow's work! As far as your question about the pineal being stimulated, I have no answer for you as I am not sure about exactly what you are doing. Our pineal glands are calcifying and are well on their way to becoming a non issue so I would think that that is probably not what you are feeling.