November 1, 2013

Day of the Dead

One of my very favorite topics to talk and teach about is the whole death process, and in particular, where we go after we leave our body at the moment of death.  Today being the annual celebration of the dead, or the Dia de Los Muertos, I thought I’d write about a few observations that I have made lately.

If any of you listen to the alternative internet radio shows, the topic of where we go after we die comes up fairly frequently.  There have also been many books written on the subject, as well as many NDE (Near Death Experience) reports from people who have died and come back to life.  Now, I am assuming for the purpose of this discussion that we all go somewhere when we die even though there are plenty of people who are not quite sure of that.

Many common scenarios are described by those who have visited the other side upon death.  They describe seeing loved ones waiting for them to escort them through the tunnel of light.  Quite a few go through their life review and also receive messages from the spirits that they encounter.  Of course, if they are here to speak of it, they didn’t go all the way through that tunnel. They either make the choice to come back or are told that it is not yet their time to die. 

Other sources tell tales of the marvelous sights and experiences that await the newly dead, from cities of gold to comfortable houses to get-togethers with the loved ones that have gone before.  It seems that you can create anything that you wish once there.  Robert Monroe calls these the “belief systems territories”, where your thoughts and beliefs have the power to manifest.

For the religious types, there are stories of the suffering that those who transgress will experience in hell.  Let me say that I believe that hell exists because it is a belief system promoted by those in the religious hierarchy who would like to maintain control over their followers.  If you believe in it, you will create it on the other side and undoubtedly end up there for a time.  No one judges us but ourselves and suffering is a choice.

Everything that I have described thus far exists in the 4th dimension, the realm where you go to prepare for your next reincarnation.  YOUR NEXT REINCARNATION.  I have not heard any descriptions of where one goes when they ascend to the 5th dimension and beyond.  Does this give you a clue?  When one ascends, one does not come back to talk about it.

This should give you another frame of reference for those beings who claim to be ascended masters and archangels, and who give glowing descriptions of the higher dimensions in their particular synthetic reality.  I am talking instead of the organic path to ascension where the 5D level of vibration is just a launching pad for the realms higher than that. 

Quite a while ago I heard someone say that when you leave your body, do not go through the tunnel of light.  That makes perfect sense to me, as that tunnel is the opening from 3D into 4D.  It appears to be light because 4D has a higher vibration than 3D does, hence the light.  Last year, Tom Kenyon mentioned this same concept.  His advice was to hover in the void upon leaving the body until you are certain of your destination.  Destination meaning 5D.  That is the only way to get off of the wheel of reincarnation. 

How will you get to your destination in 5D?  Unless you have been mapping the territory by doing a lot of out of body travel or surfing the cosmos as our launching group has been, intent and a good amount of escape velocity will have to do the job.  Will you meet loved ones along the way?  Probably not, as they will most likely be stuck back in 4D.  You will however meet many kindred souls who are on the same journey as you are.  New “families” will be created and new companions will travel with you.  Sounds like great fun.

Coincidentally, November 1st is the anniversary of the finalization of my divorce 13 years ago.  That fact generally does not even cross my mind each year.  In 2007, I took in a stray cat that the vet said was about a year old.  To keep track of her age, I assigned her an approximate birth date of November 1, 2006, mainly because I liked how the numbers added up.  At the time I did that, I wasn’t even thinking about the other anniversary, and the coincidence did not even occur to me until months later.  So to everyone, happy Day of the Dead, and to my sweet kitty Josie, Happy Birthday! 

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