February 14, 2013

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau is bar none the most energetically significant site on the face of the earth.  There are many other sacred sites around the world that are important, but this one combines accessibility, mystery, extreme antiquity and the opportunity to experience a personal shift with intent via the gamma vibrations.  If you are interested in the facts and figures on the pyramid, there are many sources that you can research.  I would like to write about the more esoteric aspects. 

I do believe that the Great Pyramid is much older than traditional Egyptologists say it is.  It may very well date back to around the time of the last cataclysm of about 11,000 years ago.  Barbara Hand Clow’s book “Awakening the Planetary Mind” discusses many theories on this, and is a great read. 

It is located on a spot that is at the exact center of the earth’s land mass.  Now, someone had to be aware of that fact when the location was being chosen.  I do not believe that it was a tomb, either, and I won’t go into the various theories as to what the alternatives may be. Now, suppose that we earth humans at the time of the Great Pyramid's construction  had a much higher vibration than we have now, were intimately connected to our Earth Mother and all of the nature kingdoms of the planet and could communicate with those kingdoms, were telepathic so that we did not need a written language, and had advanced knowledge of the earthly and cosmic sciences. 

The method that I have tracked at many of the ancient sites I have visited is a combination of softening the stone vibrationally so that it could be easily carved, and levitation so that the stones could be easily transported, lifted into place and carved to fit.  I know that there are theories that we had help from ET’s, and that may also be true, but I would like to entertain the idea that we were at one time in the past very energetically advanced and could do these sorts of things without technology.  All of the red granite that is used in the most ancient sites in Egypt comes from up the Nile in Aswan.  How did it get to the Giza Plateau?  I tuned into an image of the multi-ton blocks of stone floating above the boats that were transporting the people who were applying the levitating and softening vibrations.  How wild is that?  After the last cataclysm, however, we fell in vibration and lost our knowledge, ending up where we are now.  That is why we are currently relying so heavily on technology for communications and manufacturing for example.

In the here and now, not knowing the original purpose and use for the Great Pyramid, it serves as a magnificent spiritual tool for those who can work the energy with intent.  The pyramid shape alone can focus and concentrate cosmic energy.  On my third trip to Egypt for the 10/10/10, there was a man in our group who had equipment that could measure the vibrational levels in the Great Pyramid.  We had our own personal values recorded before, during and after our visit to the King’s Chamber, with about half of the group including myself, realizing a higher vibrational level afterwards than what we had had before going into the chamber and sarcophagus.  In addition, he measured the values in several spots in that chamber, with by far the highest value being inside the red granite sarcophagus.  It remains one of my very favorite places in the whole world!

In the afternoon of December 2nd, our group made our first visit to the Giza Plateau for a small ceremony on the side of the Great Pyramid and a drive by visit to the Sphinx.  The place was crazy, with locals having a good time all over the place, much like a day at the zoo or a popular park. Many were riding horses, camels and horse drawn carriages.  After our ceremony, I walked around the circumference of the pyramid, stating my intent for the visit inside the next morning.  It was a bit difficult to stay calm and centered with all of the commotion going on.  As our hotel was very close by, we all were able to marinade in the dynamic energy that was radiating from the Giza Plateau all night long.  During the night while tuning in, I detected beings of light flying around above the pyramid.  Were they holding space for the portal that was there, or feeding off of the radiating energy instead?  In retrospect, I wish I had tuned in to find out. 

The next morning, we had arranged to be at the entrance gate to the plateau early so that we could get into the Great Pyramid by 8 AM.  I was already buzzing!  I was the first in line from our group, and as soon as we got the OK to go in, I started up the long upwards slope of the Grand Gallery to the King’s Chamber.  Of course, the first thing I did was to jump into the sarcophagus!  After a few minutes soaking up the vibrations, I got out and the others took their turns.  A short while later, someone in charge came into the chamber and was a bit disturbed that we were doing that.  Turns out that we had to pay extra for that privilege, which we did.  It was totally worth it!  I do not know how, but our group had the King’s Chamber all to ourselves for about 15 minutes.  Normally, groups pay a lot of money for private time there.  I think it was our guide Julie working her magic!

As the others were spending time in the sarcophagus, I leaned against the red granite wall and had some time to contemplate some aspects of my life and gain some insights.  We were all pretty shaky by the time we came out of the Great Pyramid, which is a sign that a DNA shift had happened.  The beings of light were still flying around above, too.  As luck would have it, our group elected to go into the second pyramid of Khafre immediately afterwards.  Instead of a steeply sloping ramp upwards, we found a steeply sloping ramp that went downwards into the bedrock.  The great chamber was actually carved out of the limestone bedrock with the pyramid built right on top of it.  We were in the belly of the sweet energy of the Divine Feminine, our Pachamama.  What a serene and gentle way to integrate from the dynamic experience of the masculine energy of the King’s Chamber.  Once again, we had the place all to ourselves except for 2 or 3 others who wandered in.  We did some wonderful toning, which would not have been allowed in the King’s Chamber.  Very sweet. 

On our way back up the ramp to the entrance, we passed a padlocked iron gate to a chamber that was deeper still.  All remaining heavy energy that any of us had was sent into that chamber to be dissolved by the Pachamama.  To bad that we didn’t get to actually go down there. 

So our journey had jump started with a DNA adjustment in the Great Pyramid, integration at Khafre’s Pyramid, and a visit to the Sphinx.  What a great set-up for the rest of the trip!

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