July 18, 2016

The Energy of Separation

Yesterday, our local launching group came over to my house for our monthly activity.  It had been several months since our whole group was together at one time, so I was really looking forward to getting together.  For the past several launchings, I really did not have a firm intent up until I was actually launched.  Not this time, as I had been already been intuitively focusing in on the intent for my launch.   

As soon as I heard about the Bastille Day tragedy in Nice, France, where at least 84 people were killed by a man driving a very large truck through the holiday crowd, my curiosity led me to check into the perpetrator’s energy field.  My immediate reaction was that this was not something that a human would do, and that there was some sort of entity involved.  In addition, I kept seeing a very thin but black and tar like layer of energy surrounding our planet but far out into space. 

So, my intent for the launch this time was easy to determine.  I wanted to know what was going on, especially since there have been many other incidents around the world similar to this.  Immediately upon launching, I found myself at the Milky Way Galaxy.  There was a very thin tar like stream of energy coming out of the center of the galaxy.  This stream went straight to the earth and coated an “invisible” layer that surrounded our planet, kind of like a black egg shell. 

Then I saw that there were multiple thin streams of energy coming down from this black layer, and heading towards a variety of individuals on the planet.  Once one of these streams would attach to the individual, their heart area would turn all black in an expanding manner.  It is important to note that this was happening only to those individuals who resonated with this black energy.  There were no random targets.  Prior to this happening, these individuals were very damaged and disturbed, but still considered human in every respect.

The next observation was very interesting indeed.  While these thin streams of black energy were seeking their targets, they were being observed with quite a bit of amusement by 4th dimensional malevolent entities.  Once the black stream attached to its target, that gave the entities and open door to also attach to that person.  Thus, this led to what I would call a state of possession of that person, and the malevolent entity could work through that person to create all sorts of havoc. 

At that point in my journey, my time was up.  I still had unanswered questions, so I did a second launch to clarify.  Back to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy I went.  I witnessed the being there who was sending the black tar like stream of energy to the earth.  Remembering that this is a creative birthing area for our galaxy, everything that comes out of the galactic core has a purpose for our evolution.  The being in charge of this energy labeled it the “energy of separation”.  Wow!!  Does this say it all as far as the situation that we are in here on earth at this time!  Clearly one of our challenges during this time of transition is to work with this energy and transcend its limitations. 

Quick focus back to earth, and I saw that in addition to the thin black streams attaching to certain individuals there were larger black streams were attaching to certain places on the surface, creating the same kind of playgrounds for the dark side.  In between these were areas that were untouched by the darkness.  In addition, the heart core of out Earth Mother was still as healthy and vibrant as ever, and glowed strongly.  This glow went all the way to the surface of the planet in the areas that were untouched by the dark energy. 

So, you can each interpret this as you will.  It certainly explains a lot about the state of our society right now.  Bottom line, it is up to each individual to take care of their own issues and keep their energy field clean and clear of distortions.  Things will not get any easier here any time soon.

July 10, 2016

Tools for Transition Workshop Part 9

One of the most common pieces of advice that I give to my students and clients is the need to create and maintain an inner connection.  Before this connection can be established in a consistent and ongoing way, certain inner wounds must be addressed and healed.  

Please join me for my next Rise Multiversity “Tools for Transition” workshop that will take place on Saturday July 16th at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern Time here in the US.  The topic for Part 9 will be “Healing Inner Wounds”.  The tools that you will be working with in this workshop will be the healing of your Inner Baby and Inner Child.   To register, please go here.

If your start in life was less than ideal, you may have a very shaky energetic foundation that will affect you the rest of your life.  Any trauma from conception through birth could include medical issues, being a surprise or unwanted pregnancy, your mother being in unsafe or unhealthy conditions when she was pregnant with you, or any number of other issues.  Working with your Inner Baby is the solution to re-patterning and healing these traumas.  

On the other hand, your Inner Child holds your divine imprinting and connects you to your higher guidance, while at the same time, he or she holds the energetic memory of all of your early life traumas.  Once the embracing and healing of your Inner Child is well under way, this inner aspect of self can become the most excellent source of guidance that you will ever have.  

During this 2 hour workshop, I will cover some basic teachings on the nature of both of these aspects of self.  You will then be led through several guided exercises that will assist you in making contact with and healing both the Baby and the Child.  This is very important work that will serve you well into the future, and will also support your spiritual evolution in every way.  Please join me for this very important work! 

July 8, 2016

The Lens of Woundedness

I am sure most of you have heard of the concept of creating your own reality.  This is not a simple premise, as we all create our reality on many levels and through many aspects of ourselves every day.  What I would like to write about today is looking at your reality through the lens of woundedness.  The major wounds that we experience and are imprinted on us occur mainly from conception through the first few years of life.  Children are so very impressionable and malleable, and because they lack the ability to process traumas, these traumas can remain with them their whole life long.  Behaviors and beliefs about one’s world are created as a result of the traumas that have never healed. 

These energetic distortions, if they are not recognized and healed as we get older, proceed to create our reality through what I call the “lens of woundedness”.  We see the world through these wounds because we do not know any other way of viewing our reality.  For example, someone who was traumatized by violence in the family as a child learned to view the world as a very dangerous place and lives with chronic fear.  One who has abandonment issues might regard the world as a very lonely place.  They may spend their lifetime trying to recreate the family that abandoned them physically or emotionally as a child. 

In addition, if the wounds are not recognized, embraced and healed, the tendency of humans is to project their woundedness into their world.  Notice that I say “their”, since the reality that they live in is not necessarily that of the human race at large.  Everyone is looking through a different lens, and it can be pretty easy to read the energy of the childhood traumas from a person who has a certain outlook on life.  They can project into their world the fear that resulted from an unstable beginning in life as the feeling that we are all being attacked, used, manipulated, enslaved, etc.  This viewpoint colors their beliefs and interactions with others.  Note that I am not saying that none of this is not happening, but again, is this the reality that you want to create for yourself? 

What about someone who grew up in poverty and hoards money, possessions or food even though they currently have plenty of all of this and there is no chance of running out of life’s necessities.  Another big red flag for me is people who have a need to help everyone around them even though no help has been asked for.  I label this the codependent caretaker.  Their inner woundedness is crying out for healing, and this is what is being projected onto those around them instead.  If you fall into this category, ask yourself, who really needs the help? 

So it may be a good time to really examine the personal lens through which you view your world.  How valid is it?  Are you dragging your unhealed childhood wounds around with you every day?  Are you re-experiencing these raw wounds frequently?   Remember the phrase that says “The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your version of reality”.  In this respect, we really are creating what we experience around us.  Be willing to break out of your box and see with a clear eye what you need to address that is a holdover from childhood.

To that end, my next Rise Multiversity “Tools for Transition” workshop is coming up on Saturday July 16th , and is entitled “Healing Inner Wounds”.  I have already begun holding the sacred space for the group that will be gathering, so please join us. I will post more on the workshop in the next day or so.

June 30, 2016

An Organic Shift

As most of you might have noticed, my posts have gradually gotten fewer and farther between.  It’s not that things are not happening in our inner and outer worlds, but that I am not getting a strong urge to write about them right now.  As I took a nice walk around my neighborhood this morning, I tapped into the energetic of this change in activity. 

The structure of this shift in energetic activity showed up this morning as a sine wave.  Sometimes I am pushing ahead and up to reach the peak of the wave, and sometimes I am gliding easily down to the trough.  Then the action repeats.  So it seems that I have hit a peak and I am now gliding down to the low or slow point.  This feels very organic to me, and who knows how long it will take for the upswing to start.  The focus now will be more internal than external.  Everyone needs that from time to time, too!

A few things have also been taking place on internal levels.  One of the major struggles in my life has been trying to balance the hermit within me with the opposite polarity of the public persona.  I was extremely shy as a child, and yet often found myself being pushed to the front of the class, or a club or organization to speak, take charge, or take on some important task.  As I have gotten older, I’ve gotten much more comfortable with this and also realized that the hermit in me was not a healthy persona to take on full time.  Even now, however, the hermit does come up, especially since I do occasionally need private quiet time to regroup.  I have to honor this and not fight against it, and of course, balance is always the key. 

This does not mean that I am “retiring”!  Posts will still keep coming, but only when I have something important to write about, which could be sooner or later!  I just have to wait and see what shows up.   I have also scheduled 2 more Rise Multiversity “Tools for Transition” workshops on July 16th and August 27th.  That will wrap up the series nicely, and then I will allow guidance to point the way to where my work with Rise will take me. 

Some of you may also be experiencing this right now, so it may not be just me.  It may be the calm before the storm, or an effect from the very hot weather we have been having here in the southwest lately.  The upswing will show up eventually, and rest assured that I will continue to post when guided.  I do prefer quality over quantity, don't you? 

June 23, 2016

Summer Solstice

This past Tuesday morning, I was up at 3:30 AM to get on the road and over to the spot in the canyonlands of SE Utah to witness the Summer Solstice sunrise at the site that I have written about previously.  At this archeological site there is a huge monolith whose sharp upper edge is pointed in a northeast direction to the opposite horizon.  Six other people came along to witness if indeed this monolith is pointing to the place where the Summer Solstice sun rises.   Luckily, even though we were a few days past the solstice, there is at least a 5 day window to witness this event, as the movement of the sun becomes stationary before it starts its journey south to its Winter Solstice position. 

As you can see from the photo above, this monolith is indeed pointed to the place where the sun rises at this time of year.  What a thrill to be standing in the very spot where the ancient inhabitants of this land did ceremony.  Of course, there is no way of knowing for certain what the theme of the ceremony was, but my sense is that the approximate date of the Summer Solstice needed to be determined in some way so that a ceremony designed to call in and ignite the annual monsoon rains could be done.  The people here were either nomadic, or in later times, agricultural dryland farmers.  If the monsoon rains failed, there would be no crops and the result would be starvation. 

Solstices and equinoxes are what I would call organic time markers, as they are created through the natural cycles between the sun and the earth.  Therefore, these phenomena need no calendar to keep track of them, and a variety of methods can be used to determine their exact dates.  It was fairly easy for the ancient peoples all over the world to know when these times of year were coming up and to plan the appropriate ceremony. 

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we can do ceremony in any way that suits us, either in a group or solo.  We can use the energy of the longest day of the Summer Solstice to ignite any project or life change that we are intending.  The same goes for those in the southern hemisphere 6 months from now.  If one is on the road to separating themselves from the synthetic matrix, these are the “holidays” that should be honored, not Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc.

After we enjoyed the sunrise on Tuesday morning, we briefly went over to another site which is what my friend Virginia calls a shrine.  It is a rough stone circle to delineate the sacred space, with a very old rock art panel on one side of it.  Going by the style of the rock art, the people who created the petroglyphs did so some time between 1500 BC and 500 AD during what is called the Basketmaker II period.  Very old indeed!  
What I am describing here goes back to a time when daily life was conducted in a sacred way, and there was no separation between the physical world with its needs and wants, and the spiritual world where all possibilities exist.  We can come back to this place again, where the sacred in all is honored.  I am privileged to be able to visit so many places here where I can get a sense for how these ancient people created ceremonies that honored their place in the natural and spiritual worlds.  

June 17, 2016

Dust to Dust

This past week, I hiked up a trail that I usually do only once a season for a variety of reasons.  This trail is fairly steep and somewhat overgrown, and twists through a very expansive and ancient aspen forest.  Unfortunately, for at least the past 4 years, I have seen a steady destruction of this forest because of a disease that has been attacking and killing the aspens.  The trees are dying and then falling down all over the place.  In some sections of the forest, it looks like a bomb has gone off!  There is no solution to this, so the trees are just left there to eventually decay and dissolve into the forest floor. 

What is interesting about this aspen forest is that it was some sort of encampment or way station for the Basque sheep herders that spent winters with their sheep in northern New Mexico, and summers in the cool mountains of southern Colorado in several places like this one.  How do I know this?  The sheep herders carved their names and often the current date on the bark of the trees.  These are called arborglyphs, and are considered precious historical records. 

Now these records are begin lost because the trees are dying and falling down, unless at some point in the past, someone may have done a photographic survey and those photos are in an archive somewhere.  Even though I have hiked this trail many times, I decided last week to photograph the oldest arbor glyphs that I could find there for the first time.  There are many “modern” carvings of initials, names and dates, but many of the the very oldest ones are written in script, not the block letters of the later ones. 

As I walked through the aspen forest and photographed, the oldest graffiti I could find was from 1932 by Adolpho Trujillo.  He actually signed several trees. 

The phrase “ashes to ashes, and dust to dust” came to mind with some sadness.  I compared the big ancient trees to the human race, and the names, initials and dates, even up to the present time, as the individuals within the human race.  Is this how we are to end our sojourn here on planet earth?  After standing tall and strong for millennia, gradually getting weaker and sicker until we finally fall down and decay away, becoming nothing more than a dim memory?  There have been other non human races occupying this planet in times past, and there will be again. 

On the positive side, the destruction of the aspen forest has created a different habitat for plants to grow in.  I am now seeing plants and bushes that love more sunshine growing where it was previously mostly shady.  There is nothing wrong with that.  We live in a dynamic and changing universe.  If our planet becomes inhospitable to humans, not to worry, as our souls will travel on and find other realms to inhabit.  Maybe it will be sad for some to leave this planet for new horizons, but for others it will be the start of another grand adventure.  In a sense, the destruction of the old aspen trees will make way for something new and beautiful, too.  Time will tell.   

June 15, 2016

Tools for Transition Part 8 Ready for Purchase

The most recent "Tools for Transition" workshop entitled "The Journey of the Soul" is now ready for purchase in the Rise Multiversity store.  If you would like to acquire the mp3 of this workshop, click here
As is the case with all of these workshops, I have been disseminating invaluable information to assist you in making your way through this lifetime so that at the very end, you will be complete with this 4th dimensional earthly experience.  Our next workshop will be sometime in mid July.  Until then!