February 17, 2019

Another Universe

Earlier today, our launching group met for our monthly get together.  I haven’t described the process in a while, so here it is briefly.  We sit in a circle on the floor with the launchee in the center.  One person serves as the shaman, one person sits at the feet of the launchee to help them re-anchor back into their body when their journey is finished, and one person minds the timer.  The rest spread out around the circle.  Everyone expands their Core Essence at once, and when the launchee is fully expanded, we all fling her expanded consciousness out as far as we can, and then wait for the prearranged number of minutes while she journeys.  At the end of the chosen time frame, we assist her to get back into her body and share information on the journey.  We then rotate around and do it again until everyone has had a turn. 

Everyone needs an intent for their journey, even if it is pretty general, such as “Show me something I need to see”.   Sometimes the intent is not formulated literally until the person is in the center of the circle getting ready to be launched.  In my case today, my intent came to me as soon as I woke up this morning.  In the back of my mind I kept seeing a mandala quite similar to the photo at the top of this post.  It followed me everywhere!  I finally asked about what it was, and was told that it was a portal.  So my intent today was to explore this portal.     

Now, our universe is full of portals, or stargates.  They are shortcuts that can be used to get from point A to point B.  There is a portal at the center of our earth that can be used to travel to any other galaxy, star or planet, as they all also have the same at their cores.  Back last fall when I was investigating the energetics of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, I traveled through the stargate near the star Deneb in the Cygnus constellation, which led me into another universe altogether.  That is what happened today, but it was a different portal into yet a different universe!

As soon as I was launched, I expressed my intent to travel to and through the portal that had been following me all morning.  I didn’t get there instantly, however.  I found myself traveling rapidly through a long tunnel, or worm hole, that was almost see through.  I glanced behind me and saw not only the launching group following me, but quite a few other people. 

When I popped out of the tunnel, the stargate was dead ahead.  I entered the center, and it felt like I was burrowing deeply down into the middle of a colorful multi-petaled flower. 

The real surprise came when I exited out the other side.  That is when I realized that I was in another universe altogether.  The environment felt like I was under water, and there were organisms that were swimming all around me.  They were small, and looked like translucent squid.  They were also all completely identical!  I could see them joining together to create specific living forms, and then separate again and swim away.  At one point, multitudes of them came to me and attached to every square inch of my body.  I truly felt that I was one of them at that point.  Indeed, I probably have an aspect in that universe, or else I wouldn’t have been drawn to go there in the first place.

I tried to determine what the hierarchy of that realm was, in other words, what was the controlling force that was direction all of these swimmers, but nothing showed up in that regard.  I did drift up through their “dimensional” bandwidths, but the higher up I got, the finer the energy was.  It appeared to be like layers of delicate pale colors.  I ended up in what I called their source energy.  When I visit our Source, the energy is a glowing buttery color.  Their source felt like I was floating in milk.  In both cases, source is a place of no motion, no thought, and utter peace. 

My time was then up, and I was called back into my body and back to the group.  One of the things for everyone to realize here is that there are quite a few universes that are adjacent to ours, and that we probably have aspects in many of them.  We can also travel to these other realities through portals or stargates directly without going all the way up through our universe’s dimensions and out to the multiverse and then entering another universe in that way.  I am not sure if we can call these parallel universes, as the energy is so very different from ours.  You can feel that different ambiance as soon as you enter one of these.  The laws of physics and motion are very different, too. 

I did do a second journey today that involved my current study of Controlled Remote Viewing.  I wanted to investigate how and where the patterns of information come from that are being viewed by the viewer.  In CRV terms, it is the signal line that is coming from the matrix that creates the scene that is being investigated.  Hopefully I will have time this week to write about that, as it was quite interesting!  But for now, we are finished.

February 6, 2019

Caesarean Births

This is a topic that I have been very interested in for quite a number of years now.  That is, the popularity of Caesarean births.   Years ago, I rarely had a client who was born this way.  Now, as the years have gone by, it is so common, that I have to ask every new client if this was the case for their birth.  Just asking if there were any birth complications is not enough, since most people do not think of this manner of birth as a complication!  I am also getting second generation C-section clients, and if I live long enough, will probably see them in the 3rd generations, too!

So what is the big deal?  First of all, I am not talking about Caesarean births as an emergency medical procedure.  Those have been going on almost as long as humans have been on this planet, and in times past, almost always resulted in the death of the mother and perhaps the child, too.  I am talking about the shift in the medical establishment that has caused this to be the preferred method of birth for a variety of reasons.  It is either a trend, or for some mysterious reason, women’s bodies have become incapable of delivering their own young, which I highly doubt. 

When I was a child, the trend was to remove tonsils.  If there was any sign of chronic ear infections or sore throats, out they came.  I had mine removed, and never had an ear infection after that.  Of course, antibiotics were not widely used back then, either.  Now, it is rare for me to have a client who has had their tonsils removed. 

Getting back to the Caesarean births, here are the problems as I have experienced them with my clients.  For us as humans to have the energetic patterns to effectively make our way through life, we need to be imprinted with the push, relax, and push again patterns of mom’s labor.  This enables us to move forward and persevere, no matter what.  C-section people don’t have this patterning, so they generally float their way through life quite often unmotivated and goalless.  Because they are removed from mom’s womb suddenly and without the “warning” from the process of labor, a lot of these babies literally go into shock because of the sudden emergence.  Imagine suddenly going from a safe warm enclosed environment to a bright, chilly and possible loud place.  I would suspect that there is a higher incidence of soul loss at birth because of this. 

Depending on how the surgery is done, there may be no bonding with mom.  If baby is taken away before that brief bio-chemical-hormonal moment occurs, it can never be recovered.  So the result is a person that has difficulties bonding with others in addition to having difficulties making that all important inner connection. 

Another complication with the Caesarean birth is that one is usually born without a grounding cord.  This also happens when there is a medical complication of any kind at birth.  The patterning for being intimately connected to our Earth Mother gets passed along to the new born baby if everything about the birth is normal and natural without any medical complications.  If this does not happen at birth, the result is a person who may be floating through life, ungrounded, without drive or goals.  Does this describe your life as a c-section baby?

What can you do if you are in this situation?   I always say that if there are issues with the birth mother, it translates to issues with the Earth Mother.  Grounding and firmly connecting to the center of the planet, her heart core, should be your first priority.  Perform your grounding exercise daily.  Being firmly anchored to the planet is necessary for you to progress with any endeavor.  I also have to mention that if one is not grounded, I would consider them to be out of their body most of the time.  With this kind of situation, a person’s health usually suffers. 

Another helpful practice would be connecting with your inner child every day.  Once that relationship is healed, you will have successfully bonded with your inner self.  That will take you a long way to repairing the lack if bonding with mother from your birth.

So in a sense, you are starting from square one as if you are just now being born. It’s never too late.  Embracing yourself and embracing the Earth Mother on a deep intimate level are the keys to healing any residual damage from a Caesarean birth.

January 22, 2019

Replay Now Ready

Last Saturday night's interview with Lance White, the Zany Mystic, is now available for replay.  For your listening pleasure, go here.  Enjoy!

January 21, 2019

Working Your Spiritual Path

Here we are the morning after last night’s total lunar eclipse labeled the Super Blood Wolf Moon!  Above is my best photo.  At sunset time, the skies were starting to cloud over, but by the time the eclipse was starting, around 8:45 PM, it had cleared up quite nicely! 

Today, I just wanted write a bit more about the discussion our launching group had yesterday before we did the actual launch.  There is great benefit to getting together in person every once in a while to share insights and information.  The key concept here is “in person”.  Our discussion centered on the fact that because there is so much information that is widely available out there on the internet, many people are using that forum as the main way that they are getting information on spiritual topics.  The benefit is that they are exposed to information that they would not have ordinarily, which can be a good thing. 

The down side is that information alone does not assist one in their spiritual evolutionary work.  There is the temptation to think that the more one knows, the more spiritually adept one is.  That just isn’t true.  Your spiritual path is mainly an internal one, and does not depend on feeding the mind with externally acquired information.  Remember, your mind is just a tool, and should not be running the show. 

Long time readers of this blog may notice that I do just a rare bit of referencing or quoting of other people’s information.  I do not have time to go out and seek that information.  If it comes to me spontaneously, then I am meant to have it.  It is also how I keep my teachings clear and original.  Of course, the one exception is George Kavassilas’ work.  I consider his original teachings to be timeless and invaluable.   

If the internet with its YouTube videos, a monthly subscription that you are paying to a spiritual expert, or even books are all you have available, then that is better than nothing.  At a certain point, though, the real internal engagement has to take precedence.  By connecting with your body’s sensations and emotions instead of your head, you are employing your internal guidance system. You have all you need within you, and you can source the “All That Is” for any information that you require.  If you can get together in person with like minded spiritual individuals from time to time, all the better. 

January 20, 2019


This morning our launching group had our monthly event here at my house.  After a lively discussion, which I may write about later, we got down to business.  Before we did our actual launch, I told the group about the current difficulties I was having with a professional associate.  Let’s call her Jane.  Jane is extremely scattered, overloaded with work, and out of her body most of the time.  That affects her work on an ongoing basis.  That in turn affects my understanding and absorption of what she is teaching.  I have had to go outside of the teachings to other available resources to fill in the blanks, and so far, I am OK with that.  Nevertheless, it is an ongoing source of irritation to me.  I also feel that I have been thrown off my center a bit with the whole situation. 

My intent for my launch was to recover my center and once again source from my core and greater self.  As soon as I was launched by the group, I found myself drifting upwards towards a very large energy formation that looked like a rainbow colored amoeba that was constantly shifting and swirling.  It was quite beautiful! 

When I entered and merged with that swirling energetic form, wouldn’t you know it, there was Jane!  At this point, I assumed that I was at my monad level, which means that if she was there, that our souls are related to each other within that particular monad.  Distant cousins so to speak.  That was the connection, and perhaps why I am bothered more that perhaps someone else would be with what was going on.  When I encountered her within that colorful swirling mass, she was in a panic, frantic, clearly cracked or damaged, and hanging on to me and sucking my energy.  Now, the sucking was not evident in our 3D interactions, but it is interesting to see that something like that can occur at higher levels of our personal energetic upline. 

I also detected a consciousness “above” me that was observing the action.  I surrendered to that higher aspect and asked for some sort of healing or resolution.  What happened next was a surprise.  Jane’s energy field actually merged with mine, and I absorbed her into myself.  Not something that you would expect considering the situation!  Somehow, I was able to heal her damage.  Jane then individuated away from me in much better condition, and went on her merry way as a much more autonomous being. 

My journey was not yet done, as I found myself in the 9th dimensional center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  This is where our Universal Light Seed is installed as a part of our commitment to drop further down in dimensions to experience all of the realms that have been birthed by this Great Mother.  My seed looked like a bronze colored tear drop, and it had a tiny “ding” in its side.  When or where this happened, I do not know, but I have not felt entirely solid since coming back from my trip to Turkey and Lebanon this past October.  Something energetic must have happened there that threw me off of my center.  Perhaps the big energy at Gobekli Tepe?  Maybe it was when I traveled through the portal in the Cygnus constellation to another universe, and did not fully come back.  BTW—being able to go through portals and not leave a piece of myself over there is an ongoing work in progress. 

So my seed was repaired and reinstalled, and as I started the journey back into my body, my time was up and the group was calling me back.  There are a few interesting points to mention here.   Even though I did not use resolving my issues with Jane as the intent for my journey, it did show up anyway.  We need to trust that our higher aspect, or Greater Self, is in charge of us at all times.  Now, will there be any noticeable change in the situation?  I don’t know, and the best is always to let go of any expectation that anything different will happen. 

Another point to mention is that we are all entangled with others on many levels, even though we may not realize it.  Certainly, if there is an issue with another person, there is either big karma or a distorted soul connection or both.  Work through those issues as best you can, with grace and understanding. 

January 15, 2019

New Interview with Lance White, the Zany Mystic, on Saturday

I am pleased to announce that I will once again be interviewed by Lance White the Zany Mystic on his radio show "A Fireside Chat" this coming Saturday night, January 19th.  The hour long show will start at 7 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern time.  To listen, just go to http://www.afiresidechat.com.  Our topic will be my recent trip to see the magnificent megalithic sites in Turkey and Lebanon.  I have written extensively about the trip on my blog starting here, but its always fun to hear the stories live from me.

Tragically, the BBS radio studio that hosts Lance's show burned down in the recent fire in Paradise, California.  After raising the funds to purchase new sound equipment, they are just now up and running again.  To look at my bio that is on their site, go here.

If you cannot join us on Saturday night, the replay will be available after Monday here.  Enjoy!

January 11, 2019

"Setting Your Energetic Template" Replay Now Available for Purchase

The replay from last Saturday's workshop entitled "Setting Your Energetic Template for 2019" is now available from Rise Multiversity.  It's not too late to create your highest destiny for this coming year!  For the mp3 audio, go here.  For the mp4 video, go here.  Remember that you can use the processes from this workshop at any time of year to work through your issues and create something new.  Enjoy!