September 24, 2016

Serpent Rock

Whew!!!  What a month this has been.  It started out with the last “Tools for Transition” workshop that I did through Rise Multiversity on August 27th, not to mention all of the mushroom hunting and trips up into the mountains during August and early September.  Then we had our Labor Day Holiday here in the US.  Then preparing for and hosting a marvelous group of students learning the Quantum Sphere Healing protocol last weekend.  I am so blessed when a group comes together so nicely as this one did.  That makes my teaching job so much easier.  We even had one student whose glasses broke right on her face during the final healing journey.  She was sitting quietly and felt a lot of vibrating right before that happened. 

After a one day break to catch up, I spent 2 days with my friend Virginia and her research group out in the canyonlands of SE Utah doing archeoastronomy work.  The first day provided us with ideal weather, but by the second day the weather had turned and now a cold front has passed through bringing lots of early snow to the local mountains and cold and clammy weather down here. 

On Thursday night, I had scheduled a shamanic fire ceremony here at my house in honor of the Vernal Equinox.   The day was extremely windy with gusts as high as 40 miles per hour with more of that and big rain coming in later that evening.  I was looking at contingency plans in case we couldn’t have the fire.  Miraculously, the skies totally cleared up and the wind totally died down by the time we went outside around 7:30 PM.  I call that “shaman magic”!!!  I’ve never had to cancel a ceremony because of bad weather.  Several of us noticed a portal that opened up above the group, and also the strong presence of various star nations as we were around the fire.  In fact it was so nice outside that night that after the fire was finished, we all sat on my lawn in the dark and enjoyed a superior view of the brilliant stars and the Milky Way Galaxy overhead. 

Getting back to my trip to the canyons, the photo above is of one of the rock art panels that we found.  It is a good size, being about 1.5 by 3 feet.  It was found just down the road from the big monolith that we worked with during Summer Solstice and on the back side of the hill with all of the other rock art.  Clearly, this was a ceremonial center and calling in the monsoon rains was a big part of that.  The symbolism of the serpent is probably the most common to all cultures on the planet.  In this case, I will venture to say that the aspect of the serpent energy that was used here was that of the spirit of the clouds, and the thunder and lightning.   A Snake Dance may have been done to call in the monsoon rains around the time of the Summer Solstice.  This was to guarantee the fertility of the corn, beans and squash so that a bountiful harvest would ensue in the fall.  The rock art that we were looking at on Tuesday dates back to the Basketmaker III period of 500-750 AD, and very likely even further back to the Basketmaker II era. 

Below is the framework for a very old sweat lodge that we saw in a nearby area that we were scouting out.  Note the pile of rocks in the foreground.  This is not as old as the rock art, and most likely dates to the contemporary Navajo or Ute tribes that passed through this land. 

So now I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and get back to a more leisurely and introspective pace of life.  Time to photograph the fall colors, as the aspen trees in the mountains are starting to look good. 

September 10, 2016

Tools for Transition Part 10 Ready for Purchase

Two weeks ago, I presented the final workshop in the "Tools for Transition" series entitled "Putting it All Together".  It is available for purchase here.
In this workshop, I recapped the Inner Child work, and then went on to work with the very essential Inner Mother archetype.  I have received a lot of positive feedback from this segment of the workshop, as unless one has a healthy and healed mother energy within, it can be very difficult to embrace and love oneself.

The next part of the workshop provided some strategies for recognizing and working through issues when they come up, followed by a very lively Q & A discussion period.   What fun!

Most likely I will be doing a New Years workshop for Rise Multiversity in early January.  Until then, my hope is that all of you will be making use of all of the "Tools" that I have taught during these workshops.  No one can do that for you.  I love the phrase "Make ready for what is to come."  We do not know what that may be, but that does not mean that we can sit idly by and wait, either. 

September 6, 2016

Mushroom Radar

Here in the states, we just had our Labor Day holiday with a 3 day weekend.  The weather has cleared up and I was able to get back into the mountains for 2 days of mushroom hunting.  What a joy it was to wander in the woods on those sunny and breezy days, looking for the choicest of local mushrooms, the chanterelles.  They can only be found above the 10,000’ level in elevation, so a bit of hiking is required.  In fact, yesterday, I was well above the 11,000’ level near the tree line, going from shady woods to sunny clearings. 

Here is where the mushroom radar comes in.  I was hiking on established trails, but realized that I had to get off of those trails and deeper into the woods to hopefully find patches of chanterelles that had not been harvested by other shroomers.  I also had to keep my bearings and not get too far off as to get lost like I did last week.  I did eventually get back to the trail after climbing over many logs and slogging through swampy areas, all the while having visions of the search and rescue dogs and helicopters coming to find my dead body! 

Anyway, what I did this past weekend was to get off of the trail a bit and stand there and visually scan the area around me.  This process goes back to my shamanic training, where I would visually and psychically scan a client that would stand in front of me, as I looked for heavy energy patterns.  My eyes would always naturally stop scanning and just look at the location of that heavy energy, even if I couldn’t directly see it. 

In this case, I was intuitively scanning for patches of mushrooms, so I just kept looking around until my eyes stopped and focused on a particular area.  I would then walk over and see what was there.  Of course, a certain amount of trust went along with this process, as the mind’s objections needed to be ignored.  “What if I strayed too far?  What if I fell into a hole?  What if I got lost again?”  Just trust. 
I ended up finding several very nice patches of chanterelles that had not been previously harvested.  The lesson here?  Learn to quiet your mind, activate your inner radar, and trust what you get without hesitation.  You will certainly be rewarded! 

September 2, 2016

September Already?

Is it really September?  Where has the summer gone?  Last week I took a drive into the mountains, and the trees along the Dolores River were already starting to change into their fall colors.  Maple trees here in town are showing slight shades of red at the tips of the branches.  It all seems a bit early to me, but after all, time is warping, so who knows? 

We had a lot of snow in the mountains even through May, so it took a while for the trails to clear for hiking.  The photo below was taken on July 14th. 

Normally, I would have been going up to the high elevations to pick mushrooms the last few weeks of August, but it has been raining almost every day up there, so I am hoping that once things dry up, there will still be some to pick.  I also had trouble with one of my feet and had to lay off of the big hiking for a few weeks.  So no wonder that my sense for myself is that the summer has been so short! 

There have been quite a few discussions lately about time appearing to warp, items going missing only to turn up in an obvious place later, time flying during meditation or a healing session, and tasks in general not being done in a timely manner because time has slipped away.  This seems to be life as we know it, and will not change in the near future.

At the end of the Rise MultiversityTools for Transition” workshop last Saturday, we also talked about the sense that we are holding our breath waiting for the real action to start up again.  Do you feel that?  No wonder so many aspects of life seem to be confusing.  Stop, start, twist around, do your best to hang on. 

On the other hand, fall is one of my favorite times of year.  Since we had a dusting of snow on our local mountains at the 13,000’ level last week, it may be coming on fast.  The mushrooms may be finished, but there is much to look forward to with the glorious fall colors. 

August 22, 2016

The Structure of Separation

Yesterday our launching group met for our monthly get together.  We had a lot of catching up to do before the actual launch.  I had been mulling over my launch theme for a few days, and the way our conversation went helped me to clarify what I wanted to investigate.  Perhaps it was also the influence of watching some of the Olympic Games the past few weeks, or the ongoing political drama here in the US that provided big mirrors to this situation with humanity as a whole.  I am talking about the fact that no matter what we as humans do, it is impossible to come together as a unified whole.  This is certainly possible in dimensions 5 and above, but not down here in 3 D. 

Take the Olympics for example.  We see the intent to bring nations together in the name of sport with everyone getting along in a kind of kumbaya manner, but after all, it is a competition with winners and losers.  At the closing ceremony last night, there were no designated seating areas for the specific countries, as the athletes were encouraged to mingle at will.  Even so, there were still the flags and uniforms of their countries setting them all apart.

This is also true for humanity in general, with all of our various appearances, languages and national borders.  It is my understanding that beings from other planets and star systems are more alike and uniform regarding this, and I wanted to know why we as earth humans live under such a different system.  This is the information that I got during my launch, and I will write it as a “fictional” account.

Once upon a time a plan was hatched from the creative center of the Milky Way Galaxy to create a realm where the souls of beings from all over the galaxy could get together and live on a world where they could mingle and merge freely in spite of their differences.  New creative projects would be birthed that combined the best of everyone involved.  Their energies could merge in an exponential manner that would enhance the evolution of all.  What a grand experiment and experience it would be! 

A council leader followed by many council members traveled out of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to settle into a higher dimensional space above an uninhabited planet that we now call Earth.  The invitation went out to all of the nearby star systems to send souls who were willing to participate in this grand adventure.  DNA was created to hold a physical form, and souls began arriving with great excitement to embody these forms. 

Unbeknownst to them, a very negative star system had heard of this plan and set out to sabotage it.  Why would they do this, you ask?  Because in unity there is power, and they were not willing to give up their place of power in the galaxy.  So a very inky black energy stream was sent to Earth in a way that was not readily detected by the council, and perhaps even before they got there to start their project.  This stream hit the planet and spread out all over it just a few feet below the surface. 

At some point after the souls began taking bodies on the lovely planet, wisps of this black energy rose up and created what looked like a rectangular box, much like a telephone booth with very thin sides, around each human form.  This didn’t happen right away, of course, and when it did happen, it was a very gradual process, so gradual that the human beings did not realize that this was going on.  The result was that the true union with the many different “others” into a greater whole slowly became impossible.  They could feel the other human’s energy, but at the same time, they perceived that there was a barrier to achieving their goal of true unity.  The deep distress and pain that these early humans felt at not being able to fulfill their mission at first was very evident to all.  Eventually, however, they became used to their plight and assumed that distress and pain was the norm for life on planet Earth. 

By the time the distress of the people had reached the council, it was too late.  The brave souls who had agreed to participate in this grand adventure were trapped.  On top of that, they were rapidly forgetting about where they had come from.  Everything was not lost however.  The council started providing a solution to the entrapment, as this was all that they could do at that point.  A message was repeatedly beamed down to the humans on the planet.   “Start to remember your origins as the divine beings that you are.  Embody your divinity.  Raise your vibration to dissolve the barriers that separate you.” 

How will this story end?  That is up to all of you.  In real time right now, you have all been receiving this message from your higher aspects for quite some time.  Are you hearing the message?  Are you acting on it?  Are you ready to experience the true glory of a human race that is living its higher purpose?  Are you ready to experience the completion of this grand adventure?

August 21, 2016

Tools for Transition Part 10

So here we are at the end of the Rise Multiversity “Tools for Transition” workshop series.  The Part 10 workshop is entitled “Putting it All Together”, and will take place on Saturday August 27th at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern time in the US.  To purchase your ticket, please go here.  Now is the time to assemble all that you have learned and experienced into a workable strategy for your spiritual evolution.   

The previous workshop dealt in part with the Inner Child.  This is such an important tool for your personal growth and evolution that I will start the teaching segment of this workshop with a review of this essential work.  This will be followed by teachings and a journey with your Inner Mother.  For so many of us who had sporadic or inappropriate mothering as children, this inner aspect needs to be healed and worked with so that we can learn to mother ourselves.  This is the key to a deep connection with your Inner Child as well as living a life of self love, self respect and self care.  

The rest of the workshop will cover a variety of topics including how to connect to and receive guidance from your Inner Child or Higher Self, how to hone into and clarify any issue, and which processes to use depending on the circumstances and the issue.  You can see that a lot will be covered on Saturday, and my hope is to leave you with a good understanding of all of the tools that you have learned.  

This will be your last opportunity during the Q & A segment to ask me about any topic that was covered in the previous 9 workshops.  If possible, it is recommended that you review the previous material before this workshop so that you have a good understanding on what was covered.  It is my goal to leave each of you as complete with your tools as possible so that you can move forward in these uncertain times with more expertise and confidence as to where you are headed on your evolutionary path.