January 15, 2019

New Interview with Lance White, the Zany Mystic, on Saturday

I am pleased to announce that I will once again be interviewed by Lance White the Zany Mystic on his radio show "A Fireside Chat" this coming Saturday night, January 19th.  The hour long show will start at 7 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern time.  To listen, just go to http://www.afiresidechat.com.  Our topic will be my recent trip to see the magnificent megalithic sites in Turkey and Lebanon.  I have written extensively about the trip on my blog starting here, but its always fun to hear the stories live from me.

Tragically, the BBS radio studio that hosts Lance's show burned down in the recent fire in Paradise, California.  After raising the funds to purchase new sound equipment, they are just now up and running again.  To look at my bio that is on their site, go here.

If you cannot join us on Saturday night, the replay will be available after Monday here.  Enjoy!

January 11, 2019

"Setting Your Energetic Template" Replay Now Available for Purchase

The replay from last Saturday's workshop entitled "Setting Your Energetic Template for 2019" is now available from Rise Multiversity.  It's not too late to create your highest destiny for this coming year!  For the mp3 audio, go here.  For the mp4 video, go here.  Remember that you can use the processes from this workshop at any time of year to work through your issues and create something new.  Enjoy! 

January 9, 2019


As readers of this blog might remember, where I live in the southwest has been in severe drought conditions for about a year now.  We didn’t have any snow at all last winter.  That is why it has been so nice that with a shift in the weather patterns, at least for now, we have had several snow falls in the past 6 weeks or so. 

One of my favorite winter activities is to go snowshoeing.  The area where I go to do this is in the national forest about 10 miles north of where I live.  Recently, the local bike club got permission to groom some of the trails for snow bike use.  To do this, they drag a very heavy square block behind a snowmobile to flatten out the trail.  That also makes it perfect for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  Last week, I was able to snowshoe for the first time this season, and it was delightful. The groomed trails made for very easy going. 

Then we had about 8 inches of snow in that area over the weekend.  More good stuff!  So yesterday, I went up there again, and proceeded along my regular route.  No problem at the start, as the day before, someone had regroomed what turned out to be only the beginning part of the trail.  When I came to a fork in the trail, the groomed part went to the left, and only a track made by a cross country skier proceeded to the right, which is the way I always go.  I thought, no problem, as I had often walked in those kinds of tracks before.  It is a little harder because they are so narrow, but not impossible.

About 2/3 the way around this big loop trail, the cross country tracks veered off to the right, going in a direction that I was not familiar with.  Time to make a choice.  Do I continue on forward breaking a trail on the snowed over previously groomed trail, or do I follow the way that the skier had gone, not knowing where it would lead?  I chose to continue in the direction I was familiar with. 

As you might expect, things started to go downhill from there.  I was literally breaking a new trail in snow that was heavy and wet because the temperature had warmed up.  The snow had packed around my boots and snowshoes, and it was becoming a struggle just to lift up my feet.  Images of disaster started to run through my mind.  What if I stepped off the trail and fell into a snow hole?  Who would find me, and would I resemble a frozen Popsicle when they did?  Fortunately, I was confident that I was staying on the path that I was familiar with, so the only thing to do was to persevere and move forward. 

Luckily, towards the end of the loop, someone had ridden the trail on a snowmobile, so it was packed down and easy to snowshoe on once again until I got back to the parking lot.  Whew! 

As I was nearing the end of my trek, I started looking at the situation as an analogy for the energetic description of the year 2019 that I spoke about during my workshop last Saturday entitled “Setting your Energetic Template for 2019”.  2019 will probably start out in a predictable and fairly smooth manner, just like the start of my trek.  Then a choice will be presented.  Do I go left on the easy but longer route, or right on the more difficult and predictable route.  Neither one is right or wrong, either.  And then, will my path disappear all together forcing me to expend much energy while forging a new route?   At the last minute, will an easier way be presented to save the day?  Rescued at last! 

The theme for 2019 is that we all will have to put in a lot of hard work with whatever we are doing.  In other words, we need to stick to it and persevere.  I described it as kind of a grind, and not necessarily any fun.  We will be building up our energetic muscles to prepare for 2020 and whatever that will bring. 

Remember that even if hard work is required, we can have fun at the same time.  We can also glide through our difficulties and have gratitude and appreciation for whatever life presents to us.  If you are interested in listening to last Saturday’s workshop, I will be posting when that is available for purchase from Rise Multiversity. 

December 31, 2018

Setting Your Energetic Template for 2019

Happy New Year everyone!  As this crazy year of 2018 comes to a close, it is more important than ever to come to completion with all that has gone on so that you can move into 2019 as clean and clear as you can be, with all lingering issues resolved and put behind you.  Please join me for my annual New Year’s workshop entitled “Setting Your Energetic Template for 2019” that is designed to assist you in moving into 2019 in the best way possible.  We will be meeting on Saturday January 5th at 5 PM Eastern time/2 PM Pacific time.  Click here for the link to the Rise Multiversity store for registration information and to purchase your ticket.  As always, I have already started holding the group container of higher dimensional energy as I write this!

The chaos of 2018 presented a lot of personal change, and more importantly, choices as to where to go and what to do with your life.  A lot of the choices were presented gently and easily, but a lot were presented as necessities.  During this workshop, I will be guiding you through processes that will help you to clarify and release what did not work for you in the previous year of 2018.  This might include issues around health, relationships, finances, bad habits, or even any traumas that you might have experienced.   In other words, it is time to drop any energetic baggage that you have been dragging along with you!  Part of the process will also include substituting healthier and more suitable outcomes for 2019.  You will be doing a lot of writing, so make sure you have a pen and several pieces of paper on hand.  Instructions will also be given on what to do with your papers once they are completed.

I will then direct each participant in a guided meditation to create a template for manifesting your highest destiny in this New Year of 2019.  This involves looking at the paths taken, or not taken, and the choices that were made.  Will these bear fruit in the coming year?  By creating your template, you can energize and ignite your future path to manifest your desired result.  

We will finish up with a question and answer segment during which time you will have an opportunity to ask me about what was covered in this workshop or any of my previous workshops, including checking chakra removal success in those who did not have an opportunity to have this done previously.  

The exercises and meditations that I will be guiding you through can be used at any time of the year for the letting go of what no longer serves and then the creation of a new and more positive outcome.  Please keep in mind that only the registered participants, whether you attend live or not, will be included in the group container that I energize and hold prior to and during the workshop.  Please join me for this workshop to start your New Year out in a positive direction.   

December 19, 2018

Winter Solstice

Here in the states we are rapidly coming up on the Winter Solstice, which will occur on the afternoon of December 21st.  As I write about each year at this time, this is my very favorite “organic” holiday, as it represents the true start of the New Year, when the amount of daylight each day starts to increase. 

I will be having a group here for a pot luck dinner and shamanic fire ceremony to mark the occasion.  We will not only be letting go of current issues into the fire, and then bringing in positive outcomes, but also creating special medicine bundles that will also go into the fire, to set our energetic template for the coming year.   

Take this opportunity in some fashion to let go of the old and bring in the new.  This can be either with a group of friends, or during a sacred ceremony in your own home.  Compost or combust what no longer serves you, and plant new seeds that will grow with the lengthening days.  We also have the calendar New Year at the end of the month, and I will be presenting my New Year’s workshop, “Setting Your Energetic Template for 2019” through Rise Multiversity on January 5th.  Happy Winter Solstice to all of you!    

December 15, 2018

Chakra Removal Revisited

About a month ago, I passed my 6 year anniversary of when I removed my chakras, and just a week ago or so, that same anniversary of the shattering of the skin of my Luminous Energy Field while I was in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.   The time has gone by so fast, that these events seem like they happened only yesterday.  In the intervening years, I have taught many people how to remove their own chakras via this blog, my live workshops, and the “Tools for Transition” workshops through Rise Multiversity.  It is a fairly easy process. 

A few days ago, I worked with a client who told me that he had had his chakras removed by an energy healing practitioner.  I have said many times that I strongly object to practitioners performing this service and charging money for it, when it is an easy process that one has to do for themselves.  For people who perceive themselves to be on a spiritually evolutionary path, removing their own chakras is, for many of them, the first time that they have had to deeply engage with their own energy field.  This is true spiritual work and cannot be avoided or bypassed.  One can only get so far in this area by having others do things to them or for them.  At some point, self responsibility has to take place.

Upon inquiring about who removed my client’s chakras, I was surprised and frankly quite a bit dismayed when I found out that it was one of my former healership trainees.  Wow.  And I am sure that this is not the first of her clients that she has done this for.  She really should have known better.  On top of that, the process that she used was not successful, and the client’s chakras are still there!  I hope he did not pay a lot of money for that failed service.  It is just as well, as he will now have to do the removal himself.  This is not the first time that I have checked the status of a client’s chakras after their removal by a practitioner, only to find that the chakras are still there.  For me, that is further indication that one needs to do the removal on themselves for themselves. 

So I am once again repeating a standing offer that I have made many times.  I am happy to check anyone’s chakra removal success at any time, provided that they have used the methods that are either in the blog links below, or by listening to the first 3 of my “Tools for Transition” workshops available through Rise Multiversity. The blog links are for Grounding, expanding your Core Essence, and Chakra Removal.   I can do the checking by either Skype or phone, as I need to hear the person’s voice to connect with their energy field. 

As far as I am concerned, chakra removal is the first real step to energetic freedom and spiritual autonomy that one needs to take.  More information on this is detailed in the blog posts and the workshops.  It will be my pleasure to check any of you who are ready to take this next step in your spiritual evolution.

December 12, 2018

Turning Point

This past weekend, I drove down to Mountainair, New Mexico to start Controlled Remote Viewing training, or CRV.  For a number of years now, I have been interested in learning this, and have considered several CRV teachers.  The course I have settled on is taught by Lori Williams, who in turn studied with Lyn Buchanan, one of the remote viewers from the program that was run by the U. S. Army from the late 1970’s until the early 1990’s. 

I plan on diving into the work in a big way, so a lot of my free time in the immediate future will be devoted to becoming a competent remote viewer.  Of course, my healing practice will still be going strong, but I won’t be teaching any workshops this coming year.    

As this year is rapidly coming to a close, I find myself reflecting back on how it all went.  Perhaps you are too!  It was a 5 personal year for me, which in the past, has always been filled with lots of change and upheaval.  No drama and trauma for me this year, but instead, the 5 energy showed up as a lot of travel and also letting go of a lot of old stuff in favor of taking a new direction in life, including once again of friendships that no longer serve.  A turning point so to speak. 

We have the Winter Solstice coming up on the 21st, which is the start of my new year, and a time for introspection and setting the energies for the year to come.   I will be writing more about this as the date gets closer.  I will also be presenting my annual workshop for Rise Multiversity on Saturday January 5th on that very topic. 

So I suggest that in spite of the holiday busyness, take some time out for yourself to recapitulate the events of this past year, and get a sense of where you would like to go in 2019.  You may be at a turning point, too.