July 9, 2018

Interview Now Archived

Many thanks to those of you who tuned in on Saturday and hung in there until the actual start of the interview with Lance White.  Because of technical issues at the BBS studio, we didn’t get going until 25 minutes after the hour.  To listen to our abbreviated but fun interview, go here.  I have been rebooked to come back to “A Fireside Chat” on October 6th, as that was the soonest that could be arranged between Lance’s schedule and mine.  I will undoubtedly be adding more to my experiences at Palenque, with Lord Pakal, and the Pleiades.  Stay tuned! 

July 4, 2018

Carla's Interview on Saturday with Lance White, the Zany Mystic

I am very pleased to be letting you all know that I will be interviewed this Saturday July 7th by Lance White, the Zany Mystic, on his internet radio show "A Fireside Chat".  The last time I was on his show was a little over 2 years ago, so we are long overdue for a good conversation.  We will undoubtedly have a lively exchange on a variety of topics.  The show will be starting at 7 PM Pacific time, 10 PM Eastern time, and is about an hour long.  Click here to join the show.  You can also go to https://bbsradio.com/afiresidechat.  For my bio that is posted on the show's site, go here.  You might also want to check out the archive of past shows, and Lance's recent guests George Kavassilas and Barbara Hand Clow to name a few.  If you miss the show, no problem.  It will be archived for listening later, and I will let everyone know when that happens.  I am really looking forward to the interview, and I hope you can join us on Saturday.

July 1, 2018

Are You Prepared?

It is the way of human life on earth.  Eventually, we will all drop our physical form and move on.  But move on to what?  And to where?  Up until now, very few if any humans have gotten off of the wheel of reincarnation.  We have been going round and round, and for myself, I am done with that merry-go-round. 

But exiting from that entrapment involves more than a belief that you can.  It is a matter of clarity, high vibration, being aware and awake at the moment of death, and knowing where you are going.  The ancient Egyptians and the Tibetan Buddhists both spent their whole lifetimes preparing for this most important moment. It cannot be left to chance! 

Please join me for “Journeys Beyond the Physical”, which is a workshop that will prepare you for your final transition. You will learn shamanic journeying, and also the Shamanic Death Rite process.  Do you have dear friends or loved ones who have passed and may need your assistance?  Did they die suffering?  Was it sudden?  Were they on morphine at the end?  In these cases, most likely, they are stuck and are still suffering on the other side.  All of you who are reading this have parents who have already passed, or certainly will be in the future.  The greatest gift that you can give them is to assist them on the other side and relieve them of any suffering. 

I am still registering students for either upcoming workshop date.  These are September 7-9, or September 28-30.  For more information, please go to my previous post here. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch with me at Quantumstargate@aol.com. 

June 28, 2018

Recent Photos

The trails and campgrounds of our local forest, the San Juan National Forest, were closed for about 10 days because of the high danger of forest fires caused by very dry conditions and high winds.  As soon as that ban was lifted, I was able to hike to the high elevations again.  In spite of the dry conditions, there were enough wildflowers blooming to create some very nice views.  Here are a few photos that I took in the past few days. This first set is from the Cross mountain Trail.
Lizard Head Mountain
Old Man on the Mountain in bloom
Colorado Columbine, our state flower
Cross Mountain
A few days ago, I hiked the Hope Lake Trail, stopping to photograph Trout Lake on the way up to the trailhead. 
Trout Lake
A lovely waterfall on the trail.
Indian Paintbrush
Hope Lake is in the background of the photo below.  Because of the very dry weather, the lake is almost totally dried up.

Yesterday, back to a local nature preserve to see the lovely pincushion cactus in full bloom. 

June 22, 2018

Solstice Recap

Today we are starting to exit the 5 day window for the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere, and the Winter Solstice for those of you in the southern hemisphere.  What a wonderful high energy time of year to set your intent for your future path.  I was lucky enough this year to celebrate the Summer Solstice for 2 nights in a row! 

On Wednesday night, I had a group of people here for a shamanic fire ceremony.  The ceremony took its usual form with one addition.  Since we have been in a fairly severe drought here, with 2 pretty large forest fires still burning after several weeks, we added an exercise involving calling in the annual monsoon rains.  It is still a bit early for their arrival, so our hope was that we could speed that up a bit.  It was a lovely clear and balmy evening that was enjoyed by all.

The next day, on Thursday, I was able to participate in a field trip of sorts down to the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park to observe 2 different Summer Solstice sunset solar alignments in action.  The ancestral Puebloans of this area made use of natural features of rock combined with their rock art to mark the solstice and equinox sunrises and sunsets as a way of keeping track of those dates.  We are talking about dates from more or less 1000 BC to about 1200 AD.  By going to these sites during these times of the year, we can in part participate in the energy of the ceremonies that were performed those many years ago. 

The vast majority of sites in the Tribal Park are for the Winter Solstice, which is considered to be the most sacred of dates, and the start of the New Year.  I have been to Summer Solstice sites in other locations for the sunset and sunrise, and my impression was that the ceremony that was done there was for  calling in the monsoon rains, as all of the crops that the ancient Puebloans planted were dry land crops and relied on the mid summer rain  to come to fruition. 

Below are photos of the first site that we visited last night.  It featured a beam of light that was created by the sunset light entering a space between 2 boulders, and then elongating across the ground and creeping up the front of a giant boulder to rest in a pecked depression as the sun went down.  Since we were also heading to another site, our group did not wait to see the completion of that phenomenon.  Below are some photos.
Our main destination consisted of 2 very large boulders with at least 7 pecked spirals on them.  These were apparently there to mark the location of the good stuff further up the slope. 

Next, we visited a hollowed out boulder that had a doorway built into it.  As the sun was setting, its light went directly through the doorway and lit up the back wall of this shrine.  Undoubtedly, there were sacred items in there, and it was probably sealed up during the rest of the year.
Just up slope from the shrine was another solstice site.  It consisted of a large boulder that we call the clam shell because it cracked in half leaving a flat surface where a spiral had been carved.  We had visited this site many times before to see if a solar alignment was happening in relation to that spiral, but it seems to be yet another marker indicating that something else was going on here. 

It turns out that when the sun sets on the Summer Solstice, a beam of light passes under this boulder and comes out the back side into a circular enclosure.  Another shrine! 

Our group relaxed in the glow of the setting sun, some sitting in contemplation, some meditating, others chatting.
The sun appeared to slide down the side of a far away cliff face and into a notch before disappearing altogether.  One has to wonder what went on here those many hundreds of years ago.  Undoubtedly, it was something significant and sacred.  It was our honor to be able to participate in some small way.

June 17, 2018

Seeding Life

This post is somewhat a continuation of the one that I wrote entitled “The Pleiades”.  This morning I had a chance to sit down, get into a relaxed state, and do some contemplation on how the Pleiadians seeded life on this planet.  When I do this sort of journeying, I just get really relaxed, using the breath, pose my question, and let go and see what comes up.

To recap, the previous information that I received showed how the templates were created for many forms of physical life, and how the divas, or consciousnesses from the constellation of Lyra were called in to embody these templates with life giving energy. 

Now, we are talking about several billions of years ago here.  A plan was made by the consciousness of our Milky Way Galaxy and what I would call a galactic council that was made up of members from advanced star systems in our galaxy.  A new planet was chosen that would serve as a combination of living library, repository of records, museum, and vacation spot for others in the galaxy.  As our earth was newly forming and had no life on it yet, it was the perfect place for this project. 

This is how the earth was seeded with life.  It all started with the basic templates created by the Pleiadians.  The first patterns would be for all of the simple organisms that were made up of a single or just a few cells, like amoebas, algae, etc.  These would terra form earth, creating an atmosphere and conditions that other more complex life forms could exist in.  Of course, this first stage would take many millions of years to complete. 

How did these life forms get here from the Pleiadian creation laboratories?  This is what I was shown.  A stargate opened up close to the planet, and vessel that looked like a giant version of a spinning top emerged.  This vessel was silver metallic and it directed its skinny pointed end towards the planet. 
It had been loaded up with all of the energetic patterns for the start of life that the Pleiadians had created.  The vessel then proceeded to eject all of these patterns into the space around the planet.  The patterns settled in layers with the simplest closest to the planet, and the most complex occupying the zones farthest away.  It was like a giant time release capsule!  The divas would embody the forms as soon as they drifted down to the earth’s surface, thus giving them life.  The earth was gradually terra formed, creating an atmosphere and a hospitable environment for more complex life forms. 

Now, I did not detect a moon around our planet.  There is a whole story about the moon being an artificial satellite created by the Pleiadians to carry life to our planet, but I am thinking that it contained more advanced life forms such as plants and some animals, birds and fish.  This is whole different story that may reveal itself to me later.  I am certain, however, that the moon arrived here via a stargate, and was not towed all the way from the Pleiades, as some have suggested.  As time went on, other advanced life forms were implanted here intact from their home star systems, too. 

In spite of all if the information that has recently come to me, I still do not feel that I have a direct connection to the Pleiadian ET race.  I do, however, feel that I was in some sort of observational or supervisory role for this huge project.  Keep in mind again that we are talking about several billions of years here, too.  We started out very simply, and things just kept getting more complicated from there. I am not even talking about the emergence of Homo sapiens, which was the result of a lot of trial and error and genetic tinkering by multiple ET races.  We are a fairly recent addition to all of this, and I would venture to say that we are more ET than native on the planet!