August 6, 2017

Disconnecting from Mind Control

Above is a lovely photo of the orange sneezeweed in bloom that I encountered way up in the mountains this week. 

Our launching group met this morning with the addition of one of my out of town students, Jenn, who was visiting the area.  I knew something interesting was up when my calico cat Josie not only came out and greeted everyone, but also sat next to me in the living room while we were chatting before the launch.  Josie normally stays to herself in my bedroom when visitors are in the house.  She’s clearly a one person cat!  While we were launching, she stayed in another room and watched us, and then popped out again to join us when I ended my launch.  Highly unusual for her! 

My topic for today’s launch was to find out how the current planetary mind control program is hooked into each one of us, and how that can be cleared.  As many of you are aware, the pressure is on the human race to believe certain things, have certain opinions pro or con, align with certain groups, and even take certain medications that are part of the global plan to get us under control and make us into mindless automatons so that just do what we are told.  Our freedoms are being whittled away bit by bit, and critical thinking is becoming a thing of the past.  This is all by design.   The biggest offenders are the mass media and the entertainment industry, among others, which are all highly biased. 

So here is my launch.  Since it is now several hours after the event, I hope I can recreate what I experienced accurately.   As I propelled and expanded my consciousness further and further out from my body, the first thing that I experienced was going through some sort of tunnel of light very rapidly.  At the end of this tunnel was a large and very bright orb of light, which I assumed was a portal.  I dove in and came out the other side into a void space.  Very dark and empty.

This void was not empty for long.  In front of me appeared a facsimile of a human brain.  All of the parts and surfaces were outlined with a very fine silver thread.  The whole thing had a sort of glow to it.  I then noticed that there were thin black streams of energy entering this brain and plugging into a tiny black square that floated in front of the pineal gland.  It reminded me of a computer chip.  The streams were the mind control information that was being inserted into the human brain. 

I then entered the pineal gland behind this chip and immediately encountered a strand of DNA.  Aha!  This was an indicator that our predisposition to be mind controlled has been built into our genetic code.  If you will recall from a previous post, I see distortions in the DNA as tiny black cubes stuck to the strands.  One of these cubes presented itself in front of me.  Guidance told me that this was the distortion that had created the black computer chip plug-in that I first encountered. 

The next task was to dissolve this distortion.  That task completed, I then backed out of the pineal gland and proceeded to dissolve the black chip where the streams of mind control energy were hooked.  This is where it gets interesting.  At the same time, I was also present in the room with the other launchers.  As I expanded the energy needed to dissolve the chip that was inside the facsimile of the brain in front of me, thus also my brain, I did that to include the members of the group with the intent that their plug in chips be dissolved as well.  While this was going on, I detected at least 5 human male dark energy forms encircling our group.  They were not interfering, just watching.  It has been my experience that when one is being disconnected from a malevolent force, that being will show up to see what is going on. 

I kept expanding my field and sending the message that those beings were to leave and that they were not welcome in my house.  To top it all off, while that was going on, my cat suddenly popped out of the adjacent room and rejoined our group.  That was extremely uncharacteristic behavior for her.  I can only assume that she was a full participant in this morning’s activities. 

As I came out of the launch, it was clear that the dark beings had gone.  Other members of the launching group had detected them, too.  As far as how successful the dissolving of the plug in chips was for the others, time will tell.  I do suggest however that all of you use the method that I have taught in the Rise Multiversity workshop entitled “Spiraling Through your DNA  to target and dissolve your own distortion that allows mind control programming to enter your brain.   

This is such a critical time for humanity, and everyone needs to be awake and aware to what is going on around them.  Sharpen your critical thinking skills.  Minimize your exposure to what the mass media is pumping out, as it is all highly controlled and agenda driven.  Be careful with your exposure to the electrical magnetic field, as the dark streams of mind control energy come into you through that field.  Remember that we are not all being affected in the same way.  There are different life circumstances, different levels of sensitivity to these distortions, and different ways of handling this.  Keep your inner radar working at all times! 

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