July 2, 2017


Yesterday, as I was sitting in contemplation up on a high ridge that I had hiked to, I asked my guidance to give me information on the next step in my spiritual evolution.  The answer came very fast.  I am to start sourcing form my Oversoul instead of my Higher Self.   That felt so right on to me.  For those of you who listened to my last Rise Multiversity workshop on “Journeys to Meet Your Non-Human Soul Aspects”, you have already met your Oversoul. 

In short, our Oversoul exists at an energetic level just a bit higher than our Higher Self, which resides in the low bandwidth of the 5th dimension.  Each human has a Higher Self that plans, orchestrates and guides our lifetime here on Earth.  Thus, each Higher Self is connected to only one incarnation at a time.  By contrast, each Oversoul is connected to multiple Higher Selves and their associated incarnations.  Not all of those incarnations are human.  Many are what we would call Extraterrestrials.  If you are interested in how that works, I encourage you to purchase the workshop here. 

As soon as I received that guidance, I started tuning into to the Oversoul level, even as I was hiking back to my car.  The energy felt quite different from that of the Higher Self.  To clarify what I was experiencing, I used a journey to visit my Oversoul as the topic for my launching with our launching group today. 

Let me first describe the structure of my Oversoul.  I perceived a glowing golden ball of energy in the center with the framework of a dodecahedron surrounding it.  A simple dodecahedron has 12 faces and 20 points or vertices.  Each face has 5 sides.  The photo above is of one of my origami projects and is a dodecahedron.  You can see the points as tiny pyramids.

As I embodied the glowing ball of energy inside this structure, I could see and feel connections going from the points on the outside out to all of the Higher Selves that are associated with my Oversoul.  Each Oversoul also has a theme that all of the associated Higher Selves and their incarnations are working with.  My theme happens to be change, which was revealed to me during the Rise Multiversity workshop. 

Now as per my guidance, I am working with not only my own Higher Self, but with many others at the same time via my Oversoul.  It is quite a different energy as the Oversoul’s job is to oversee, send directives to, and collate incoming information coming in from multiple sources.  It is quite a busy place indeed.  On the plus side, when you start to source from this level, you have access to so much more information, especially in relation to your theme. 

Since theme of my Oversoul is change, it is certainly reflected in what I teach in my workshops and my healing work with clients.  So many people are stuck in a wide variety of ways, and my job is to help them get unstuck so that they can move forward in any way they wish.  When I sat in the glowing energy field in the center of my Oversoul, I perceived how that theme was showing up for all of its other Higher Selves and their incarnations.  Change is happening everywhere, not only on our planet!  I experienced all manner of drama, trauma and mayhem.  All with the aim of breaking up the status quo so that something new can be created.  That is certainly happening in our reality right now.  Clearly, our Oversouls have big jobs to do, and there is an infinity of other themes at play, too. 

I do not know the locations of the various incarnations that are being managed.  I suspect that they are all at least in our Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps beyond.  This shows me that the huge changes that are happening are on a scale that we cannot even conceive of.  All aspects of our multidimensional selves are being affected. 

Now, as I source more from this new level, I can also fee that I am embodying much more of a group consciousness versus that of myself as an individual.  It will take some getting used to, and it is an exciting new change.  It will expand my access to guidance and put me in a place to more effectively tune into and relate to the needs of groups.  Exciting!

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