September 27, 2014


This past week, I spent several days hiking out in the canyonlands of Utah just west of here.  I was with a group led by my friend Virginia, and we were researching Ancient Puebloan villages and archaic sacred sites.  It was bright and sunny, and the temperatures went into the mid 90's as we were in a semi-desert environment.  We even found a rattlesnake sleeping near his burrow. 

Yesterday, I went the other way up into the mountains to photograph the fall colors.  It was delightful to be in the sunny but cooler environment.  The aspen trees are starting to show their seasonal hues of yellows and oranges, and just looking at them stimulates the senses. The smell of the moist decomposing leaves that have already fallen from the trees always sends me back to a comforting time of joy and familiarity. 

I am lucky to be living in a place where we have easy access to desert and mountains.  One can always go to a different part of the area for some variety.  Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have those kind of opportunities.  Regardless, I encourage everyone to regularly break up their normal routine.  This might mean going for a drive out in the country if you live in a highly populated area, or taking a class in something that interests you.  Get out of your rut! 

This will keep your brain sharper.  You will also be more flexible energetically and be able to more easily roll with the punches that life can throw at you.  More joy will come to you as you expand your horizons, and who knows where that will lead?

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