October 26, 2020

Applied Precog Conference

This past weekend I participated in the latest on line conference put on by the Applied Precog folks.  This is an organization that promotes ARV, or Associative Remote Viewing, and they run these conferences about twice a year.  Each one has a specific theme.  For this one, there was a dual theme of “Health and Healing”, and also “Mars”. 

The health and healing presentations focused on all kinds of alternative healing methods using energy methods alone.  We even learned a cleaver way to drain heavy energy from a physical problem through doing an ARV session.  My assumption is that this method would have to be used multiple times for it to have an effect. 

Most interesting were the presentations on Mars.  The red planet is a hot topic right now, since it has been very close to the earth in recent weeks, and also because several missions to Mars are on their way and will arrive there in February.  We first heard from Joe McMoneagle, who was one of the original Army remote viewers.  In 1984, he was working with Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute with the goal of harnessing his out of body skills, OBE, to see if he could go out of body to do some spying on the Soviet Union.  Of course, that was also one of the primary aims of the Army’s remote viewing unit.  After 13 months of that, he decided that a more efficient way of doing that was to simply use his psychic skills.  BTW, he also ended up marrying Robert Monroe’s step daughter Nancy! 

While there, he was tasked to do a remote viewing session on Mars.  He didn’t know that that was what he was tasked with, as remote viewing targets are always blind to the viewer.  You just go in and do your best to describe the target using the RV structure, and find out about what you were viewing afterwards.  In a fascinating presentation, he described the structures on Mars, the pyramids, and even went inside of them to describe large unfurnished rooms that seemed to be hibernation chambers.  He does go into a lot of this in his book “Mind Trek”, but he covered more of this information in his presentation. 

There was also a very lengthy presentation on Mars by Tom McNear, another one of the Army’s remote viewers.  Tom was credited with being the only remote viewer who worked directly with Ingo Swann to develop, refine and test out the RV protocol that the Army used.  It turns out that few weeks after Joe had remote viewed Mars at the Monroe Institute in 1984, unbeknownst to anyone else, Ingo assembled a 5 person team to do the same thing.  The identities of the team members were to be kept secret, but we do know that Ingo was one of the team members, as was Tom.  Most of the resulting information is in Ingo’s book “Penetration”, the latest edition, and according to Tom, there may be an updated publishing of it with even more Mars information.  At the end of the book, Tom lists an e-mail address where anyone who would like to remote view Mars can get in touch with him, as he is still collecting information from viewers. 

Unfortunately, the third presenter on Mars, John Brandenburg, was too ill to present, so Tom summarized a lot of his information.  John has written a book entitled “Death on Mars: Planetary Nuclear Massacre”.   It contains tons of scientific research on how Mars went from a planet much like earth, to the wasteland that we now know it as through a nuclear attack from an off planet source.  I have ordered the book and look forward to reading all about it. 

Those who chose to worked 5 ARV targets during the conference, with the results scored and summarized for the group.  These included 2 on line craps games, a horse race, a question about the success of the U S’s 2021 Mars lander, and whether President Trump would be inaugurated on January 20th.  The later 2 targets were future predictions, so we will have to wait and see about those. 

Needless to say, I am pretty fried today.  Slitting in front of the computer for 4 hours on Thursday, and 10 hours each day including breaks for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is not healthy for my body.  In addition, I rarely miss a day when I am either hiking or taking a long walk.  We had a big cold front go through over night, so no outdoors for me today. That makes 5 days without!  We didn’t even get up to freezing today during the day.   Hopefully, it will warm up enough to go out for a walk tomorrow afternoon. 

If you are interested in purchasing the conference, and all previous APP Fest conferences, go to AppliedPrecog.com.  This conference should be up by the end of the week.  It was excellent! 

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