September 20, 2020



We are coming up on the annual Autumnal Equinox here in the northern hemisphere, and the Vernal Equinox for those of you in the southern hemisphere.  The date here will be September 22nd.  The solstices and equinoxes are powerful natural energetic gateways that we can take advantage of 4 times a year, and I encourage you to do so this week if you can. 

I have to say that I miss the fire ceremonies that I held at my house in Colorado for these occasions.  No such opportunity has presented itself here yet, although, as things continue to open up, I am keeping my eyes open for any individual with a suitable property and group to host ceremonies for in the future. 

For me, the equinox is all about balance.  If you are able to do any kind of ceremony on Tuesday, your theme should be about where you are out of balance in any area of your life, be it financial, job related, relationships, health, and of course, your spiritual life.  Also consider the positive shift that will bring you back into balance with these issues.  Here is the link to the bowl burning ceremony that I wrote about in last December’s Solstice blog.  This would need to be done outside, preferably at night, and it is easy enough for anyone to do.  I have been doing my quarterly ceremonies solo and quietly in my back yard, but the bowl burning can be done with a group if you do not have the wherewithal to do a wood fire outside. 

Spend some time contemplating what you would like to release, and what your positive outcome would be, write that down, and burn that list in your ceremony.  Call in and honor the spirits of the natural world in your location, in addition to our Earth Mother, Pachamama, our Father Sun, Inti Tayta, and all of your star brothers and sisters.  Really feel all of the support that you have from these forces in your daily life.  This will also give your ceremony more power to manifest what you are intending. 

I will be outside around 8 PM Mountain Time on Tuesday night, and you are all welcome to join me by tuning in at that time.  Blessed Equinox to you all! 

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