December 17, 2019

The Big Wow!

This past week, Paul Smith was teaching a Basic CRV workshop here in Cedar City.  Coincidentally, one of my former healership students had signed up for that class.  It was delightful to spend some time with Sabrina before and during the class.  We went out to eat the night before class started, and I also was able to go along on the 2 field trips that Paul provided as learning experiences and a well deserved break from the intensity of the training.  Here we are.

On Friday, the last full day of class, he always takes the students to a nearby locality where they can be wowed by the dramatic scenery.  The purpose for these adventures is so that the students can experience what is called Aesthetic Impact, or AI for short.  During working a CRV target, this is the emotional response that the viewer experiences at certain point in the process, and is necessary to engage with that target at a deeper level, thus getting more information about the target. 

I was called upon to be one of the drivers, as the students were all blindfolded until the big reveal at the chosen location.  As we drove up Kolob Canyon, which is south of Cedar City, I was overwhelmed with the vistas, and experienced my own AI. The experience prompted reactions of "wow, its amazing, look at that, it feel so good to be here" from me. 

I look forward to visiting this canyon many times in the future, in different seasons and times of the day.

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