September 24, 2019

Sifting Through the Past

A few days ago, I returned home from a trip to the Chicago area to celebrate a big and notable high school reunion.  I hadn’t been back to my home turf for many years, and the whole event represented for me a coming full circle from my high school days.  Some of my classmates were clearly recognizable after many years of not seeing them, and there were others who had aged quite a bit. 

It was fun interacting with the others and reflecting on times past.  Quite a few of my classmates get together regularly in the Chicago area, and they have known each other continuously since high school.  Others moved away and come back from time to time.  I am glad I took the trouble to attend the reunion, and doing so represents a completion of sorts.

On a more personal note, earlier this year my guidance indicated that it was time to downsize my living situation.  I have a lovely house and yard, but it is now too big for me.  So for the last few weeks, I have been sorting through my garage, cabinets and closets with the purpose of donating, giving away or disposing of items that I no longer need.  I didn’t realize how much old and unusable stuff I had!  The downsizing of possessions is the first step in the total downsizing process. 

So with the high school reunion and the reducing of my possessions, a lot of sorting through the past has been happening.  It is actually quite refreshing and feels good to examine, appreciate, and let go of the old stuff.  I do feel lighter!

On an energetic level, we are attached to every item, house, property or car that we own.  The more of this we have, the greater the number of attachments.  This can cause quite a drag on one’s energy field, and can actually siphon off our energy.  Luckily, with fall weather coming on, the yard work here has diminished quite a bit.  The time for hibernation and introspection is near.  This is also a necessity for a spiritually evolving person.  How my downsizing will progress remains to be seen.  For now, it feels really good to go through the process.


  1. I had no idea that having a lots of possessions could cause a drag on one's energy field... This really explains some things regarding myself. This means I have tons of work to do with disposing of unusable stuff then. Thanks for posting this advice!

  2. Hey Carla, is there a way to reinstall your 7 chakras and the Kundalini system. I was not ready for the 5D shift and the sudden change is now wrecking havoc in my social life with people. I hope you see this message:( I am in great need of your help

  3. Hello Sean--First of all, removing one's chakras does not put you into 5D! That would be quite a novel experience, but it just doesn't happen. We are all still living in a 4D world. Clearly something else is going on with you. Also, as far as I know, there is no way to reinstall the chakras, and why would anyone want to???