August 8, 2019


This past week, I got an e-mail from a reader of this blog referencing a post entitled “The Gathering” that I wrote back in 2013.  I was writing about some of my experiences at The Monroe Institute.  In particular, this post detailed my journey up to a consciousness level where there were many ET races observing Earth and her coming transition, and also fighting over what they consider to be Earth’s most precious resource, namely, us.  So please re read this post here before continuing.

Keep in mind that Robert Monroe made his prediction of a great and chaotic transition in consciousness around 1975.  We are many years past that, and yet it has not happened, at least not that I can detect.  There have been other predictions about this from other people, that we will be thrust into an energetic state that is unlike anything we have experienced before. 

I finally had some time to sit and connect with the information in “The Gathering”, and was a bit surprised.  The location where all of the ET races and some of the representatives from Earth had gathered to work out who gets what when this reality went into chaos was almost deserted.  There were some “caretakers” left to keep the mechanics running, but that was pretty much all. 

What happened?  Where did they go?  Immediately, I got the word “infiltration”.  We have been infiltrated by a wide variety of off planet races.  They may be shape shifters, an energy form attached to a vulnerable human, or coming in on the energy of a technological device.  These are just a few possibilities.  Artificial Intelligence, AI, certainly fits into this category. 

I still have a book by Ruth Montgomery entitled “Aliens Among Us”, published in 1985.  My father gave it to me, and wrote in it “For my favorite alien”.  Ha!  It is a treatise on what was known about the ET agenda at that time, and her theory was that aliens were here on Earth to assist with a transition that she said would occur at the turn of the last century.  Clearly, that didn’t happen.  I don’t think that the ET agenda is all love and light, either. 

For those of us who are spiritually evolving humans who are intent on moving on from the earthly arena at the end of this lifetime, we cannot afford to fall into an ET agenda of any kind.  What to do?  We must live a life of conscious awareness at all times.  Pay attention to what is happening in your environment and within your own body.  The body is a barometer that can give us a heads up when something is wrong.   Minimize your engagement with wireless technology.  WiFi, smart phones, and other devices that emit electromagnetic waves can cause damage to the human body and mind. 

Addiction to smart phones is a growing problem.  This is by design to keep people distracted, not paying attention to their surroundings, and disconnected from true human interaction.  If you are not awake, aware, and interacting with your surroundings, you are ripe for a takeover. 

The increase in the use of the above technology and more is designed to separate us from our true organic nature.  Pay attention and make conscious choices.  Do not agree to any arrangement before knowing everything that is involved. The forces that I am referring to will take advantage of an unconscious human.   How all of this will play out, I do not know.  I am assuming that the “event” that Robert Monroe referred to in 1975 will be very obvious to everyone regardless of spiritual persuasion or level of awareness.  Time will tell.


  1. infiltrate verb (ENTER GROUND)

    "[ I ] earth science (of water) to flow slowly down into the earth from the earth's surface, for example, through cracks in rocks"

    ... perhaps an infiltration of something at the surface, down into the core of the matter / Earth ... the way out or back, if you like, perhaps back up in energy, being via the core, i.e., not up and out?

    ... no secret infiltration; rather, a soaking back into a core from a surface or outer location.

    ... any reason that image was chosen for this post?

    ... in which case, was there an event in 2013, or post the writing of The Gathering, at least, where such took place?

  2. The post in 2013 was describing my experiences at the Monroe Institute. No event took place then. The photo was of a bubbling sulfur pool in Iceland.

  3. ... yes, I gathered the the post was from 2013 about the Munroe experiences. The question was more so asking was there an event at the end of 2013, if you like, or thereafter, that would potentially account for the changes noted.

    ... the significance of the image chosen seems tied in well with that meaning of infiltration, i.e., a dry looking cracked surface for water (symbolically?) to infiltrate; the real meaning, though, perhaps coming from a shift into a core, that being a shift up (back up?) in energy; in which case, via such a process, the Gathered, perhaps ... thus departed?

  4. oops ... s/b "I gathered the post was" ... 2 x "the" ...s/b just one!

  5. ... for a description of such a possible event, suggested to have taken place on Dec 12, 2013, in this case ... see this material: ...

    ... the notes there may explain why the location of The Gathering was rather deserted the next time around ...

    ... just a thought, there, in any case ... or a few thoughts, if you like, as the case may be. ;-)