August 3, 2019


About midway through our trip, and at the farthest point east of our travel route, we spent a morning with the icebergs in a saltwater lagoon.  An iceberg is a huge piece of freshwater ice that has broken off of a glacier and is floating free in salt water.  This day also had the worst weather of the whole trip.  It was drizzling and was cold enough to wear gloves.  Luckily, my camera survived getting a bit wet.  This has not been the case with one of my previous cameras.

Our group, decked out in all of our rain gear, boarded a duck, which is an amphibious vehicle that was developed by the US military in WWII and the Korean War.  It can travel over land and in the water.

 Here we are with our duck tour guide, a woman from Spain.
In spite of the cold and the rain, it was a magical time on the water with these blue giants.

After our time on the lagoon, we went across the highway to wander among the icebergs that had washed up on a black sand beach.

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