December 12, 2018

Turning Point

This past weekend, I drove down to Mountainair, New Mexico to start Controlled Remote Viewing training, or CRV.  For a number of years now, I have been interested in learning this, and have considered several CRV teachers.  The course I have settled on is taught by Lori Williams, who in turn studied with Lyn Buchanan, one of the remote viewers from the program that was run by the U. S. Army from the late 1970’s until the early 1990’s. 

I plan on diving into the work in a big way, so a lot of my free time in the immediate future will be devoted to becoming a competent remote viewer.  Of course, my healing practice will still be going strong, but I won’t be teaching any workshops this coming year.    

As this year is rapidly coming to a close, I find myself reflecting back on how it all went.  Perhaps you are too!  It was a 5 personal year for me, which in the past, has always been filled with lots of change and upheaval.  No drama and trauma for me this year, but instead, the 5 energy showed up as a lot of travel and also letting go of a lot of old stuff in favor of taking a new direction in life, including once again of friendships that no longer serve.  A turning point so to speak. 

We have the Winter Solstice coming up on the 21st, which is the start of my new year, and a time for introspection and setting the energies for the year to come.   I will be writing more about this as the date gets closer.  I will also be presenting my annual workshop for Rise Multiversity on Saturday January 5th on that very topic. 

So I suggest that in spite of the holiday busyness, take some time out for yourself to recapitulate the events of this past year, and get a sense of where you would like to go in 2019.  You may be at a turning point, too. 

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