September 10, 2018

A Matter of Timing

This past weekend I hosted a group of students here in Cortez for the “Journeys Beyond the Physical” workshop.  What a wonderful group of serious practitioners gathered here for the teachings, which included shamanic tracking using a pendulum or rattle, getting into the theta brain wave state, sending earth bound spirits to the light, Shamanic Death Rites, mapping the journey beyond death to the exit point of our universe, and a launching at the end of the day on Sunday.  In total, this group of students worked on over 20 deceased individuals who needed assistance in moving forward on the other side.  What great service to them all!  This included 2 sisters who did major loving service for many deceased members of their family. 

One interesting thing happened during the class.  On the first day, the students learned shamanic tracking by rattling into the theta brain wave state and then finding the information that they were seeking.  The main purpose for this was to be able to track and locate the energy field of the deceased before starting the Death Rite process.  We did some individual tracking, with each person asking their own questions, and then we did a group tracking on an additional question.

It is important to express the question accurately.  The question posed was “Will there be any rain that falls on our location by the end of class today, Friday.”  It was a partly cloudy day with a slight chance of rain predicted in the afternoon.  After tracking, half of the class got a yes, and half got a no.  By the end of the day, we didn’t get any rain.  But 2 days later, at the same time of day, there was a brief shower in our location, even though there was no rain in the forecast that day. 

Even though we specified a time frame for the initial tracking result, was that good enough to get an accurate answer?  Keeping in mind that since we were tracking energy patterns that existed in the 4th dimension of form without physicality, can an accurate time frame even be determined? That is possible since we were somewhat outside of time and space.  I found it fascinating that half of us were exactly 48 hours off! 

The issue of timing comes up frequently on other work that I do, and can also be an issue for remote viewing, psychic readings and the like.  When will I get that job, when will my body feel better, when will my relationship be resolved?  These are very common types of questions.  We humans always want to know! Even though these types of questions come up during a QSH healing session, I never give a definite answer, because I know the problems with predicting timing. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to teaching the next “Journeys Beyond the Physical” workshop starting on September 28th.  We will undoubtedly be tracking more questions for practice.  Maybe we will stay away from the questions that involve a time frame. 

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