December 18, 2017

Winter Solstice

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are rapidly approaching the most very special day of the year, that of the Winter Solstice.  This is the time of the shortest day, and is the most celebrated occasion for the native people of North America.  It is also the organic start to the New Year.   The days will start getting longer, and so it is time for you to plant your seeds of intention so that they will grow into great plants that bear fruit for you!   

As always, I recommend doing some sort of ceremony to mark the occasion.  Each year, I have a pot luck and shamanic fire ceremony at my house the night before the actual solstice.  What a wonderful way for people to get together, make their intents for the coming year, and share in the amplified energy that is produced by uniting in this way.  You can get together with like minded friends, or do something all on your own.  Either way, this is the most powerful day or evening to create your coming year of 2018! 

Our launching group met this past Sunday, and since the Solstice window encompasses several days on either side of the actual date, we were doing our journeying within that time frame.  Before we launched, we had a very fruitful discussion regarding Tom Kenyon’s latest Hathor message.   If you haven’t read it yet, there is a link to it in a previous post.  Several of us, myself included, journeyed to the zone of “Spatial Cognizance” that he wrote about.  That space felt very familiar, as we have often gone there during other launchings.  His channeled message is so deep and multilayered, that I will continue to reread it and work with the recommended consciousness technique. 

And so, Happy Winter Solstice to all of you!  May your New Year be blessed with the fruitfulness of your highest intent! 

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