December 10, 2017

New Message from Tom Kenyon

Tom Kenyon is a very prolific sound healer who channels an ET race called the Hathors.   I have been following him for many years, and as time has progressed, the number of channeled messages that he sends out have gotten pretty few and far between.   Much like my posts!  We both now write only when we have something significant to say.

Last week he sent out his latest planetary message, only the 3rd one for 2017.  It deals with the topic of Spatial Cognizance, and also includes a free mp3 sound meditation download.  Since I have only read this message once, I am still integrating this concept, but so far, I can see that it is significant for anyone who is evolving spiritually at this time.  

I encourage you to follow this link and read what he has to say.  As always, follow your guidance as far as listening to the sound meditation.  Detailed instructions are included in the message to enable you to make the most of this excellent piece of music.  Enjoy!

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