August 9, 2017

Tranquility Zone

I had a free afternoon yesterday, so I drove out into the farm lands north of Cortez to photograph some fields of sunflowers.  Just by chance, I attended a lecture last Saturday where the topic of sunflowers happened to come up.  One of the people there mentioned that there were several very large fields of them in the area, and that they had just begun blooming.  I had always wanted to photograph them, and here was my chance.

What I didn’t expect was the effect that those lovely flowers would have on me.  Stepping into that field was like stepping into another time and place altogether.  There was a light warm breeze, the sun was bright, and there were numerous fluffy clouds in the sky.  All of those thousands of blossoms had their faces turned towards the sun as if in worship.  All was perfectly still.  I was transported into what I call my tranquility zone—a place and space where I could rest and recharge. 

It was so very hard to leave after I had taken my photos.  My intent was to absorb all of that delightful energy so that I could recall that feeling of peace and tranquility at any time.  If you do not have a tranquility zone, I encourage you to find one, if not in the physical world, in your imagination.  It is a place where you can go to rest and recharge.  Enjoy the joy of the sunflowers! 

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