August 18, 2017

Earth, Moon and Sun

For those of you who do not live in the US, you may or may not be aware that on Monday the 21st we will be having a total solar eclipse whose path will go from the northwest and ending in the southeast part of the country.  This is a really big deal.  Many people are traveling to parts of the country where they can experience the totality of the eclipse. 

On the other hand, I am finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm at all for this momentous event.  I will be staying home, where we will be at about 80% totality.  Mr. Snowflake and I will be lounging in the backyard and perhaps getting a few photos. 

So why the lack of excitement?  The main basis for this is the knowing that our moon is an artificial planetary body that was towed here eons ago by an ET race that conquered our solar system.  Regarding that fact, just use your critical thinking skills.  The same side of the moon always faces the earth, enabling who knows what kind of activity to take place on the back side away from our prying eyes.  That also means that its rotation has to be exactly calibrated to be able to maintain that orientation.  Because of its size and exact distance from the earth, it is able on occasion, like next week, to block out our sun’s light.  No other planet in our solar system has this sort of thing going on.

Here is my version of what I think happened here.  There was, eons ago, a battle for control of our solar system.  The dark forces won, and captured the moon in the process.  The moon was once a feminine body whose job it was to seed life onto other worlds.  This is the moon that we remember. I do not know what happened to her soul once she was captured, but at that point, the moon became an empty shell.  According to George Kavassilas, the moon is now inhabited by beings whose job it is to beam negative and mind controlling programming to the earth. 

Picture the life of the beings who lived on earth when all of this happened.  There was no moon in the sky, so the nights were delightfully dark.  All of the stars and planets seemed many times brighter than how they appear today.  Then out of nowhere, the moon appears.  The once dark nights became as bright as day during certain times of the month.  Calendars were created according to the regular phases of the moon.  People started worshiping this planetary body and religions were created around it.  You get the idea.

The moon’s size, position and distance from the earth were all a part of a grand plan to further control our planet.  We get our life force energy from our Father Sun.  Without that, we would not exist.  Yet, with this whole set-up, that life force would be partially or completely blocked from the beings on the surface from time to time.  What a panic that must have created when it happened!  Enter the religious elite, who took advantage of these situations to put the fear of god into the population.  I can just imagine the threats, curses, power plays and all manner of superstitions that would be put into play during those times.  Was there a way that these elites could predict the dates and places where these eclipses would occur?  I am certain that they could. 

The elites were chosen and managed by the off planet forces that were in charge of the earth.  In my years of doing energy healing work, I have seen this scenario many times, where power was offered to a human individual in exchange for their agreement to be agents of the off planet forces.  These agreements come down the family line to the present time, resulting in the continuing enslavement of the original person’s descendants. 

What better way to impress the population than to appear to orchestrate something as dramatic as a total solar eclipse?  Depending on how it is handled by the elite, any manner of taboos and control mechanisms could be installed at that time to further enslave the people.  “Look what I can do!  I can punish you by blocking out the sun unless you do what I say.”  We have here the proverbial problem, reaction, solution at play. 

Of course, nowadays, we all know better, at least those who live in modern society.  There must be some jungle tribes somewhere who still freak out when this happens.  What must their tribal shamans be telling them about it? 

It looks like we will be having a rolling party here in the US working its way across the country on Monday, with its associated traffic jams, food shortages and people sleeping in their cars.  The effect this will have on the US energetically remains to be seen.  Those in the path of the totality will experience a few minutes of the sun’s nurturing light being totally blocked out and the full force of the negative programming coming from the moon taking its place.  The same thing happens during a total lunar eclipse, too. 

This is my take on the earth, moon, and sun connection.  As always, feel free to use whatever framework around this that works for you.  Perhaps I will have more to report on Monday!

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