July 19, 2017

More on the Oversoul

In recent weeks, I have made a concerted effort to connect with the patterning of my Oversoul.  To review my recent post on the Oversoul, go here.  For those of you who participated in my latest workshop on connecting with your non human soul aspects, you will recall that our Oversoul manages many higher selves and their incarnations, many of whom are non human.  

I just love to work my stuff when I am out in nature, and this theme was no exception.  I had previously visited my Oversoul several times, and the last time, I anchored a sign in that location so that I could get there in a fast and easy way.  The energetic patterning of the Oversoul is tricky to embody because it is a true group consciousness that manages and oversees many diverse individuals.  Since it is a 5th dimensional construct, this activity occurs in an expansive and spherical manner.  We as individuals here on Earth tend to attach to others in a straight line and polarized manner, so switching to this mode can take some doing.  In my experience, I have had to go to this level several times to start to get the hang of it.

So, as I was hiking down a trail in the mountains, I went to my Oversoul location.  My purpose was to connect to the diverse forms of nature that I passed along the trail in a spherical and all encompassing way.  It was sort of an experiment.  What showed up was that I was able to connect to the many trees, birds, creeks, plants and other members of the nature kingdom as I was walking along.  Since this a new way of connecting, it was hard for me to maintain that connection for more than 5 minutes or so, so I had to keep redoing the exercise. 

In spite of that I got to experience the way that the plants, trees, flowers, etc link up in an ecosystem and even communicate with each other.  That also tells me that there is a higher dimensional consciousness that coordinates each ecosystem, much like an Oversoul does for embodied souls. 

 I came to the realization that the energy at the center of our Sun is also at the Oversoul level, not merely just at the soul level.  Wow!!  That makes sense since our Sun links up with and coordinates all of the bodies in our solar system.  These are the planets and moons, asteroids, comets, in addition to the bodies that may be in the unseen realms and those that are so far out from the sun that we have not detected them yet.  What a big job! 

I encourage you to travel up to your Oversoul level and just sit in that energy for a bit.  This will prepare you for entering that level once you are finally clear of the 4th dimensional arena where your soul is now located.   

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