May 29, 2017

Update on the Wave

For the past few days, I have been seeing an inner eye image that I finally had time to delve into this morning.  I am sure that this has happened to you occasionally.  Something keeps knocking you on the head until you can no longer ignore it!  So I sat down, put on my Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD, and did a journey with my Personal Guide, or PG for short.  For those of you who have my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, this whole journey process is spelled out.  Your PG can take you anywhere you would like to go to gather information, or just see some interesting stuff. 

Quite a while ago, I wrote about the incoming wave of energy that is heading our way.  This wave will bring with it a state of consciousness that we have never experienced before.  It is something brand new for humankind.  It appears that there has been a drastic shift in this energy.  The image that I have been seeing for days now shows that instead of a smooth round border of energy approaching us, the leading edge of the wave has cracked or fractured into many pointed “petals” as in this photo of a local pincushion cactus.  In addition, well behind this wave is a bright glowing “sun” or portal.  
Here is the information that I gathered from my PG.  (BTW—this also reminds me of the cracked and fractured energy that is the hallmark of 2017.)  The tips of these energy petals have already arrived, causing the start of the breaking up of our reality.  We have been seeing this already in the areas of politics, finances, civil unrest and people’s psychological disturbances, to name a few.   Big cities will be hit the hardest.  Whether this is affecting you now depends on your geographical area, personal plan and karma, your vibrational level, and your internal dynamic of healing and clarity. 

All will be affected eventually.  If you happen to be in the space between 2 petals right now, you are clear of most of the drama and trauma that has been happening.  Your passage through this wave will be shorter but possibly just as intense as for others who are spending more time in its energy. 

What is this bright sun behind the incoming energy?  My best guess is that it is some type of portal leading out of this reality.  It looks like a sun, and all suns or stars have time travel portals at their centers. 

So what to do?  My PG had some advice about this.  She said to stay the course and punch through any barriers that are presented.  Stay well grounded and anchored at all times no matter what is going on.  Allow any remaining heavy energy that you are carrying to be blasted away.  (I would imagine that our physicality will be drastically changed, meaning that of the planet and our physical bodies as well.) 

She also reminded me that safety is an internal state, and that one can be safe under some very difficult circumstances.  Our bodies are temporary structures.  Our spirit is eternal, and that is where we should be focusing during these difficult times.  Maintain consciousness at all times and resist the urge to escape.  Punch through! 

I asked about what to do in the face of all this?  My PG recommended that all of us embody our future self now.  Step into the state of grace, clarity, freedom, peace, and radiate these states to those around us.  Sounds good to me.

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