June 5, 2016

The Octopus

Yesterday I taught my 8th workshop for Rise Multiversity, and everything went very well, in spite of a few computer glitches.  The energy this past week has been a bit squirrely in regards to technical things and life in general, so I am wondering what is going on!  The temperature here got up into the high 90’s yesterday, too, but that shouldn’t have affected anything regarding the workshop.  We are having a mini heat wave. 

A very unusual thing happened after the workshop.  We finished up around 5:30 PM, and as the evening wore on, I became increasing fatigued and somewhat out of it.  I slept last night in what I would call a restless coma.  Is that an oxymoron?  Anyway, I woke up this morning still in a very disturbed and drained state.  Fortunately, we were having a launch today, and I chose to resolve those events as the theme for my launch.  I wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on.  If there was something that needed to be corrected regarding how I was managing the group energy during the workshops, I wanted to know about it. 

Before the launchers arrived, I felt into the energy I was experiencing and determined that my energy field had been accessed and energy had been extracted.  OK.  That gave me something to go on, so that was the intent for my launch.  Here is what I found out. 

Upon launching, I went right to a huge octopus that was floating in space.  Its tentacles were either connected to something that it was sucking the energy from, or grabbing “tidbits” from the surrounding space and transferring those bits into an area in the center of its body.  I proceeded to enter the place where the tidbits were being inserted, and found myself in the middle of a wild party.  That was bizarre.  All of the food and energy that this octopus was gathering up was going to support and feed the beings having the party.  It’s like I was looking at a giant cosmic party bus in the shape of an octopus. 

I then went in search of whoever was in charge and found a male being that reminded me of a DJ.  Right away, I recognized that this was one of my non-human aspects, and that I was in a roundabout way, drawing energy from myself here to feed my cosmic party there. 

So let’s digress a moment.  As I was asking myself why this pattern got activated all of a sudden, I was drawn back to what had transpired during the workshop.  The workshop topic was “The Journey of the Soul”, and I had led 3 guided exercises back to 3 different past lives.  The last journey involved contacting a past life embodiment that held a positive attribute that could assist the participant in the here and now.  The participant was guided to merge with who they were in that lifetime and absorb the attribute. 

During that exercise, I was guiding it and participating in it at the same time, so I also retrieved a positive attribute.  The “me” in that lifetime had the ability to bring a tremendous amount of higher dimensional energy into the top of the head and through the body, and then distribute it to others via a disc like energy field.  In other words, I my job was to feed others this higher dimensional energy.  So I thought, this is cool and merged with the self from that lifetime during the guided journey.  Bingo!  This is where the energetic trouble started later yesterday evening. 

Back to the launching, and the part where I realized that the “me” that was running the activity of the octopus was also feeding off of the “me” in that previous lifetime, since I apparently had more than enough energy to spare.  Sorry if this is getting complicated.  It’s like playing a multilevel game of chess.   So I approached the aspect of myself that was running the octopus and thanked him with great gratitude and appreciation, but demanded that he stop.  I wasn’t going to play that game anymore.  He deflated immediately and backed up.  At the same time I exited from inside that octopus and watched it dissolve.  One of our other launchers who was tracking the action confirmed that I was successful in resolving that problem. 

So what can be learned from all of this?  First of all that we are truly multidimensional and very complicated beings, and we have a lot going on in arenas that we have no conscious knowledge of.  Secondly, if we find that something is being done to us, it’s very likely that we have an aspect that is doing the same thing to someone else.  The universe always seeks balance and this is one way of achieving that.  We are never victims in any way, so if one can acknowledge what is being done to them and then in any way they can, thank and release the “perpetrator” within, that is a great way to come to balance with these kinds of patterns.  I am assuming that I am finished with this energy extraction pattern, but will go back right now and do a little rechecking just in case. I am also very happy that this was a personal issue for me, and not one for how I hold the sacred energetic container for the Rise workshops. 

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  1. Wow! Carla through all 3 journeys I found myself drifting off to sleep until your voice pulled me back. The last one I came back during the Q&A! I do not remember that ever happening to me before. I had felt, because of the intensity of what I was dealing with the last couple of months, that for the last 2 workshops I was too, in my assessment, matrix overloaded to fully engage. But I really didn't want to miss out on the connection during the Live journeys and I have the replays to revisit when things calm down. During a conference call last night I was sharing, from some NEW REAL EXPANDED KNOWING the vast multi/hyper dimensional, parallel, past, future, genetic and energetic selves we are operating on at all times. I can remember others in intense workshops with my Cherokee Elder many years ago passing out sitting up from the discussions but it never happened to me before. So for me I am 'guessing' it was extremely powerful. Time for a session! Love You!