May 3, 2016

Recent Journeys

This past weekend I had students here taking the Advanced Quantum Sphere Healing workshop.  In this workshop, those who have taken the Level I class learn some of the finer points of the healing protocol, and also included in the class are some cosmic journeys to some unusual places.

The last journey of the class allowed each student to ask a question, gather information or travel to any place that they were curious about.  As the finishing touch of the weekend, we also did a launching, which yielded some very interesting results.  As you can imagine, we were all pretty worn out at the end of 3 very intense days.   I lead and at the same time participate in these journeys.  I will try here to recap some of the highlights.  

I had a hard time just coming up with theme or intent for my journey, so I just used something more general.  For the final journey of the workshop, I asked about where my work would take me into the future.  So here it is.  Looks like I will be more solitary in my spiritual pursuits, taking more time for meditation and travel, definitely to more megalithic sites around the world.  As the vibration of the planet and our Earth Mother continues to go up, more sacred sites, specifically the megalithic ones, will activate and come on line with a higher frequency of energy.  In particular, the stone circles that are in many places on the planet will open up as portals to the higher dimensions.

As I have written about several times previously, there is a location west of here just over the border into Utah that has a continuous stone circle that is large enough to be seen on Google Earth.  It is an ancient site that is most likely aligned with the solstices and equinoxes, but since there is no way of knowing exactly how it was used, we may never know.   If I had to get to a sacred site fast, I would go there.  

In my journey, I could see a stone circle activate and open up powerful portal at its center.  My body started to respond with the familiar sensation of having my DNA increase in vibration.  It was kind of an internal quivering sensation.  Then, a series of energetic replicas of the stone circle appeared just above it, creating a tube of energy reaching into the sky.  Perhaps an ascension portal or birth canal was being created?  I am not sure what kind of energetic structure would be created at other megalithic sites around the world.  As I am convinced that these sites were created with an advanced pre-cataclysmic energetic technology, it makes sense that they would be the first to shift, re-membering their origins.  

For the launch, my intent was just “take me to a place that I need to experience”.  That was all my somewhat fried brain could come up with!  Out into the cosmos I went and I found myself looking at a very large sparkling golden stream of energy that was flowing past me.  Of course, I dove into that stream and soon experienced the total dissolving of my physical body.  My impression was that I had melted into a very powerful energy that was capable of creating anything, as I could see shapes and forms being thrown out from it in all directions.  Just apply a bit of focused intent and who knows what could happen!  

After a few minutes in this creative stream, I found myself back in the center of a stone circle.  This powerful golden energy was coming out of the portal that had been opened at its center.  So the launching had taken me full circle back to the beginning of the first journey.  Wow!!!

What is the timetable for this?  No way of knowing, although I hope to get to more megalithic sites in the mean time.  Keeping fingers crossed that the rescheduled trip to Turkey and Göbekli Tepe in October will be a go.  That site has been calling me strongly for some time now, so there must be something there for me to experience. 

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  1. This is guy. Amazing that wordpress would give me a name that includes my name. Amazing journeys, I would love to get to the level of being able to travel like you do.Thankyou for sharing yourself and your journeys.