March 17, 2016

The Life Review

We had a marvelous turnout for the Rise Multiversity workshop this past Saturday.  I received several nice reports in the day or two afterwards about the energy that participants felt during the guided journey “Through Death and Beyond”.  The Part 6 workshop is now ready for purchase here.  My whole goal for this particular workshop was to prepare everyone for what I would say is probably the most important transition point in this lifetime.  The group consciousness star ship of the participants mapped this journey on Saturday.  For those of you listening to the guided journey for the first time, or those who will be listening to the replay, it is recommended that you listen to the recording several times so that you can follow this route automatically when the time comes. 

A thought came to mind the day after the workshop, and I would like to cover it briefly here.  What about the infamous life review that we all hear about from near death experiencers?  This was not a topic that I covered in the workshop, as the main focus at that point in the after death journey was to emphasize “Do not go to the light”.  In other words, do not enter the tunnel of light that opens up after you have died, as that will lead you directly back into the reincarnational cycle.  It is my sense that the life review starts after the deceased enters the tunnel of light. 

So if we look at the reincarnational cycle and the belief in karma, the review of one’s life’s misdeeds and harmfulness is necessary to make amends and know what not to do the next time around.  Sounds nice in theory, doesn’t it?  What if the life review has been orchestrated by those who would like to keep the human race entrapped in this system?  What better way than to show someone all of their failures in life to get them to believe that they have to come back to do it all over again and make amends? 

On the other hand, I believe that if we adopt a “no harm, no foul” attitude towards being here, there will be nothing to make amends for.  Our lifetime is a collaboration between us and the other, whether it is a person, a group, an institution of some kind, or even the environment.  The learning is in the interaction, no matter how it turns out. 

This does not mean, however, that one can go through life in a thoughtless manner, not being mindful of our effect on others and the related interactions.  I have always felt that as one evolves energetically and spiritually, there is a built in sense of what is right/harmless versus wrong/harmful.  As one’s vibration increases, it is easier to take the right/harmless action most of the time. 

Taking this one step further, it is my sense that the practice of “forgiveness” is also designed to keep people either guilty, in judgment or in victimhood.  All of these negate the co-creation of any interaction between you and the other.  It is better to honor the interaction, no matter how difficult or damaging it may have been, and acknowledge that all of it has had a purpose.  Move forward with this new understanding and apply a little gratitude and appreciation.  With this framework in mind, the life review is never needed and can be looked at as a grand manipulation that is designed to keep us stuck on the wheel of reincarnation.

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