March 30, 2016

Comments from a Listener

I got this wonderful e-mail from a client, and thought I'd post the whole thing here instead of adding it as a comment below the previous post.  Here is Tony's e-mail.  He is referencing last Saturday's interview with Lance White.  Enjoy!

"Thanks Carla, I was able to listen in last night, it was such an affirming boost 
Your experience of the group-unity-bliss that you shared at a higher dimension 
resonates with a consistent desire I've been having all my life - To be with others 
of my own natural vibration - so that was incredibly refreshing to hear

I don't think we'll ever loose our 'individuality' as your friend had asked about, 
or else how would we be able to identify as being 'part of a group' - having both 
coexist at the same time is what I was hoping to experience here in 3D too

wouldn't that be remarkable? And that's probably what got a lot of us to embark 
on this adventure in the first place, another manifestation of what we were already 
quite happy with, and were just looking for another 'flavor' so to speak, to taste

As you suggested, on the way out of this experience, they'll no doubt be some 
"tweaking" of the elements that manifested this realm of experience we've had 

I'm glad that when You and Lance talk there's plenty of laughter with a sense of 
already being at a higher plane, while reflecting back at the challenges we are 
ALL experiencing right now, at so many different aspects of our consciousness, 
while still being in this 3D realm and in this physical body of ours

It's mind boggling that more people haven't already snapped into many different 
segments, since keeping this experience 'embodied' is incredibly challenging 

There's been days in the past couple weeks when just adhering to being physical 
feels out of place, as if 3D is more illusive than other aspects of consciousness

I'm looking forward to when this present adventure of ours 
is reflected upon in complete hindsight!   aren't You? :)

Thank You again for sharing the opportunity to listen in 
with You and Lance, it's been much appreciated, Tony"

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