February 21, 2016

Tools for Transition Part 5 Ready for Purchase

My latest workshop for Rise Multiversity is now ready for purchase in their store.  It is Part 5 and  entitled "Bringing Your Shadow to Light".  This is very important work for all of us looking to dig deep and unearth any and all hidden patterns that are stopping us from being the fully realized and conscious beings that we were meant to be when we exit this 4th dimensional earth arena for the last time.  To purchase this latest "Tools for Transition" workshop, please go here.
Since posting my last bit on shadow work, I have heard from several people about how squirrely the energies have been lately.  Our hidden shadow aspects are rising to the fore to be acknowledged and worked with, and that can be off putting for many.  I say, get used to it!  Better to have some of this stuff rise up in our faces to be seen instead of staying deeply hidden where it can cause all kinds of trouble.  To attain our state of unity consciousness and finally exit this arena, all must be dealt with.

So if you haven't already, go ahead and listen to this workshop.  It contains valuable teachings and several great tools on how to work with your hidden shadow aspects.  As they say, "You can't take it with you".  This saying normally refers to material possessions and money.  I say, "You do not want to take it with you", referring to the baggage of unresolved shadow aspects.

This is a segue to our next workshop on March 12th, which deals with the death process.   If there is baggage still left to be dropped at the time of leaving the body, it will certainly keep you here to have another go around on the earthly plane to clean things up.  No one wants to have to do that, so attending to your shadow is an absolute necessity. I encourage all of you to dig deep! 

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  1. Below is a comment that a client e-mailed to me.

    Like you, I have felt haunted by my own shadow. And if I sit quietly and welcome it to sit with me, it is longing to be loved and integrated with my essence. In fact, I have come to have deep compassion for the shadow in all forms. Everything just wants to Be Love, no exceptions.
    My Mind and the mental programming that creates and sustains my identity is the only part of "me" that isn't friendly with shadow. If I loosen up and take myself less seriously, I notice that my identity is simply fighting for it's life and knows it is dying to grace. Like any good villain, my shadow uses many tricky techniques to stay in control. Once I remember that role my shadow is playing and befriend the Villain inside and meet it with confident and sometimes tough Love, then shadow can stop holding the polarity and role of Darkness can be transmuted.
    One of my favorite shadow archetypes is the character, Malificent. The story of her fall from grace, deep rage and villainy, and grace returned is pretty spot on for what shadow's journey looks like. Fun movie too!
    Thank you for the mirroring and projecting exercises. Great tools for navigating these turbulent times!