October 10, 2015

Machu Picchu

It was a relief to get out of Puno the next day and head to our next destination of Cusco.  As I tuned into my integration of the patterning from the Stargate Amaru Meru from the day before, I found that there was a dark energy in my heart core that was partially blocking the full receiving of the stargate codes.  I immediately kicked it out and the codes came spiraling in to my core essence.  From that point onward in the trip, when I tuned into this part of my energy field, it appeared to me as a ring of golden energy about a foot in diameter on the surface of my chest.  It remains that way to this day. 

We drove over a mountain pass of 14,232’ in the La Reya Mountains and eventually arrived into Cusco, one of my most favorite cities in the whole world.  I have been there several times in the past, and relished the thought of revisiting some memorable places. Fun in Cusco would have to wait, as we spent only one night there at this point in the trip, and left very early the next morning to catch the train to Aguas Calientes, the town near Machu Picchu where all the hotels are.  The rest of the day there was free, and so I wandered and did some shopping, visiting a favorite shop to buy a small chrysocolla skull. 

This was also the night of the blood moon, but unfortunately, from our location it could not be seen.  The skies were overcast, and Aguas Calientes sits deep in a river canyon so visibility would have been difficult even with clear skies.  Still, I could feel the prickly percolating energy of the full moon. 

Our group was up early the next day to catch the 6:30 AM bus up to Machu Picchu for a full day of activity.  We had a tour by a local guide, and then we were on our own.  It was very crowded, and not conducive to sitting in meditation or tuning in.  This was my 5th time there in 4 trips, and each time I have noticed that more and more areas were restricted or roped off.  There are still places out of the way where one can sit and relax, but my goal for the afternoon was to hike up to the Sun Gate. 

Before I did that, I wandered a bit and photographed the megalithic parts of Machu Picchu.  These structures are made of local white granite.  I have become fascinated over time with how and who created these monuments with the huge multi-ton and finely trimmed and fitted stones.  Part of what I wanted to do on this trip was to sense into this and gather more information.  These were also highly developed societies that used vibrational and spiritual technology in moving and shaping the large stones, and predate places like Stonehenge in England.  They possibly go back to before the great cataclysm that befell the planet about 13,000 years ago.  After visiting 2 more of these sites on this trip, I also came to the conclusion that most if not all of these ancient megalithic sites have multidimensional stargates in them.  More about that in future posts. 
Anyway, I eventually hiked up to the Sun Gate, the Intipunco, which sits about 1.5 miles and 951’ up from the caretakers hut at Machu Picchu.  Way up there!  It is the end point of the Inca Trail coming from the other direction, and was originally a check point for those entering the city.   Here there was a different atmosphere altogether!  You could sit where you wanted to, meditate, nothing was roped off and no guards were there blowing their whistles. Very few people made this trek.  Very serene.  I took out my skulls and set them out in one of the niches to soak up the energy.  The whole vibration was one of welcoming and embracing.  “Welcome to Machu Picchu. Welcome to this sacred space.  You are honored and appreciated.”  Of course, the views were fabulous, too. 

On the way back down I took photos of a shrine on the trail that had 2 special features.  The first was a carved rock outcropping that people had left offerings on, and the other was a large pointed white megalith that had been walled in.  Now the guide books probably list this as another check point before entering the city, but it was more than that.  This was a sacred place and both of these rocks had consciousness to them.  I honored them with my own offerings before proceeding back down the rest of the trail to the hotel at the Machu Picchu entrance for a well deserved and tranquil lunch.  Then back on the bus to town and joining with the rest of the group at the train station for the trip back to Cusco. 

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  1. I was always fascinated about Machu Picchu!!! If i would be there on my own (or with you ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    i/we have full bag of my meditation equipment and many check points believe me!!!
    Big Kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)