September 16, 2015

Last Minute Announcements

I will be leaving for Bolivia on Friday, traveling with my friend Julie Gullick Wiley and her travel group Spirit and Adventure.  There are a few pertinent bits of information that I would like to pass along before I go.

First of all, we are in the midst of a very potent energetic window which started with the solar eclipse of September 12/13, and is ending with the lunar eclipse/blood moon of September 27/28.  We also have the autumnal equinox on September 23rd.  This is a very powerful time to be doing your energetic work, whether it is through intending, manifesting, healing, or tuning in to receive personal guidance.  Feel free to tune into my energy during either the equinox or blood moon, as I will be working my stuff at these times, too, and will be expanding into some very high energy situations.  See my previous post on the “Energy Vortex” at Lake Titicaca. 

Next, the mp3 audio file of my first “Tools for Transition” workshop with Rise Multiversity is now available for download.  Part I is entitled “Grounding into the Core of the Earth Mother”.  If you have been having any trouble whatsoever with your grounding, I highly recommend listening to the workshop audio file if you were not one of those attending.  Access the Rise store here.    Part II of the workshops will be on October 24th, and is entitled “Expanding your Core Essence: Matching the Vibration of your Higher Self and Creating Personal Sacred Space”.  More on that later! 

Finally, I have just a few spots remaining for the upcoming Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here in Cortez from October 16-18.  You do not have to be a healing practitioner to attend!  We not only work with learning a very valuable healing protocol that you can use on yourself, but each student’s spiritual energetic evolution is enhanced as well.  If you are interested, please get in touch here. 

That does it.  I will not be posting from South America, but will absolutely be writing about my trip when I return.  I hope to be able to answer e-mails sporadically, as well.  Adios amigos! 


  1. Have a Nice Trip, Blessings! :) waiting You back, thanks

  2. Have a great trip. Look forward to reading about your adventures.

  3. I hope you have an amazing trip Carla. The energy today (actually I also felt it yesterday evening) feels very powerful and wonderful. I'll be tuning in on your energy on september 23rd and I feel from my core essence to work on 2 important issues in my life energetically this week. Blessings to you.