July 1, 2015

More on the Spinning DNA

This is just a short post, as I wanted to get this information out before I move onto something else.  This past Saturday I went hiking up in the local mountains for the first time this season.  Because of all the rain that we had in May, a lot of places were just too muddy to traverse up until now.  I was also feeling the melancholy that I wrote about in the last post, so it was good to get out of our warm temperatures and into a cooler environment. 

As I was walking along a forest road in a somewhat goofy state, I realized that the DNA in my pineal gland had started to spin.  Not only that, I could detect that the tiny black cubes that represent the genetic distortions were being flung out.  As things sometimes go, as soon as you put your attention on something happening in another dimension, that action appears to stop because you are slowing it down by looking at it.   I did do my best to go with the flow and stay in a somewhat altered state to allow this process to continue for a bit longer.  You can read about the DNA and the black cubes here. 

So here is the big aha moment.  It seems to me that at a certain point in our clearing of the DNA, we may not have to consciously use one of several methods to do so.  There will be a tipping point where enough momentum is built up in the process so that it can continue on its own.  Maybe not 24/7 at first, but sporadically activated on its own because of the intent to have this happen.  It will be so much easier that way!  This may already be happening to you.  You will perceive it when you are relaxed and least expect to see something like this.

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