May 4, 2015

A Lull

It seems that we have hit a lull in the action as of late.  The energy as a whole feels very calm and almost boring!  Maybe we need a rest from the compression and acceleration from time to time.  Coincidentally, the sun has been very quiet lately, too.  It is the energy from the sun that is feeding the earth’s core and assisting our Earth Mother in her completion process.  As we are intimately linked to our planet, we are also assisted by the energy that comes from the sun.

Where I live, it is finally time for planting flowers around the house and seeds in vegetable garden.  Everything is starting to wake up and green out.  It is such a joy to be outside with the early spring flowers in bloom on the nearby hiking trails. 

We humans tend to achieve growth through challenge and adversity, and we stagnate when everything is moving along smoothly.  I know that challenging times are just around the corner, and I encourage all of you to continue with your introspection and internal connection processes to keep on your toes.  Do not become complacent.  Be prepared for what is to come. 

I hope to be writing a few instructional posts to give you hints on how to stay awake and aware, and address anything that may be coming up for you.  Keep in mind that as you get clearer, the signs and triggers pointing the way to something that needs to be addressed become much more subtle.  You really have to be paying attention!  In the mean time, if you are experiencing the same quietude as I am, take time to enjoy it.    


  1. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was I'm bored. It was surprising because I can count on one hand how many times I have felt bored! Funny to read this. I decided to enjoy it since it's such a rare feeling, while working outside on my land doing all the stuff it sounds like you are doing. Great day!