February 22, 2015

Do Not Go To The Light!

I may have touched on this subject before, so here it is again, and especially since it is a tie in to the last post entitled “What is Real?”.  This past week, I had the privilege of working with several clients who were concerned about loved ones who had passed over.  Part of my shamanic training and the additional training at the Monroe institute involved tracking or finding where the deceased person ended up after they died, and determining if they were stuck or in need of assistance.  Let me be clear that this is not the same as mediumship, as I observe and gather impressions and information, but I do not have a conversation with the deceased. 

So the tie in to the last post involves the hologram that we are all living in.  This is the structure of the 3D/4D arena, and is also composed of both the organic and synthetic realities.  It is the arena that we have created for our growth and evolution.  Part of our challenge here is to be able to perceive and recognize the difference between these two polarities, and make appropriate choices if possible.  That can be tricky, as there is little free will in this arena.  On top of that, our path has been predetermined before birth by our soul and Higher Self.  There is a lot of wiggle room however, and our intended positive outcome can take many forms.  The goal is to get in our groove and make our way to that outcome without sabotaging ourselves! 

This holographic creation has been hijacked by the beings of the synthetic matrix at some point to keep us stuck here, looping through lifetime after lifetime.  In other words, the cattle (us) went from roaming the free range to fenced in pastures!  The mechanism that that keeps us looping is the tunnel of light that opens up upon death.  When you go through this tunnel, you pass through a series of vibrational levels up to the level where you start the planning for your next lifetime here on earth.  From that final level, there is no way to access and exit at a higher vibrational level.  The only direction to go is back down again.  And on and on and over and over!

In the course of working with the deceased, if I find that a soul is earthbound, in other words, stuck in what is considered to be the no man’s land of the etheric patterning of the planet, I can assist them in getting unstuck.  Being earthbound means that they have not gone to the light within a few days of their death because of a variety of reasons, including not having the vibration and consciousness that is necessary to even make it that far.  The first thing that I do is to send them into that portal or tunnel of light back on their path of resolving and evaluating the most recent lifetime and eventually planning for their return to take another go at it. 

Now, someone would ask, why do I send them back into the cycle of reincarnation instead of helping to free them all together?  A good question that I get asked occasionally.  When a person passes, they naturally gravitate to the vibrational level that matches their own at the moment of death.  This is a matter of how they lived their life, their spiritual path, and the amount of clarity and consciousness that they have attained and can maintain through the death process.  All of these factors are not mine to resolve for them at the end.  So my job is to get them back on the path and reduce the amount of baggage and suffering that they have taken with them when they leave the body. That is the best that I can do in these situations. 

For those of you who will be making a conscious and highly vibrational exit to this hologram, whether it is through a natural death process or some sort of spiritual transformation, I say “DO NOT GO TO THE LIGHT!”  This is the polarized light of the 4th dimensional arena.  We have been so programmed to go there through generations of religious beliefs and the promotion of current spiritual principles that we will have to bring all of our will and consciousness to bear to do something different.

What is the something different?  I hope to be mapping this out in more detail in the future, but right now, I see several choices.  Through your grounding and intimate connection with the Earth Mother, you will be able to access the 5th dimensional stargate at her core, and exit this arena in that way, perhaps going with her when she makes her transition.  If you find yourself floating in a void after you leave your body for the final time, hover there for a bit.  Ask your Higher Self to show you where you need to go next.  I do not know what the glowing globe surrounded by the sparks of light is that I wrote about in the last post, but that might be a suitable destination, too.  There is also the possibility that you might see and sense the hologram that you have been existing in shatter around you as you burst out of it.  The goal is to bypass the 3D/4D arena all together at that point, because one cannot fight their way through it and exit at the top.         

In any event, trust that you will know what to do when the time comes.   Then you will be on your way to your next big thing!  As the acceleration continues in this arena, I really do anticipate that we will see and experience this in our lifetimes. 


  1. I have a question about this white light / tunnel that you refer to, because I seem to experience that same phenomena in dream time and I was wondering if it is the same thing? for example; when I go to sleep at night and am in that in-between state of consciousness and REM sleep, I ascend through a tunnel of light that I think will lead me out of the matrix but I hit a dead end and am "dropped". It happens almost every night and the sensation is so abrupt that it jolts me awake, sometimes one of my children will wake up crying at the same time. Does the same concept apply to the dream world? and if so what can I do about it?

  2. Everyone surfs the astral realms when they are sleeping at night. That is a natural and normal phenomenon. In your case, you access these realms through the tunnel of light. You cannot exit the 4D arena in that manner, and as far as I know, no one visits realms past 4D while they are dreaming. Keep in mind that the 4D arena is a combination of organic and synthetic matrix, as are all of us. There is no escaping this until we are done with the 4D earth arena all together!

  3. Fair enough, I suppose I am just disturbed by the quality of my dreams lately because they have become these agonizingly monotonous and boring series of tunnels leading to dead ends or night terrors. I am aware of it while it is happening but I am not sure what to do about it.

  4. Dear Brooke,

    You might try setting the intention to access the 5D realms before you go to sleep. Maybe write it down to anchor the intent. Ask your highest self, not your higher self to guide you into the 5D frequency level. We do have a highest self that is beyond the higher self.