January 22, 2015

Are You Cracked?

First of all, let me explain what I mean by “cracked”.  If one is cracked or fractured, that would show up energetically as having a very shaky core which feels almost like jello.  There might be cracks or openings in the Luminous Energy Field called schisms. Your grounding would be severely compromised or not present at all.   In addition to that, your LEF might be shoved up to the groin area when the lower border of it should be below the feet.  This happens because of a severe trauma or shock during the birth process, and gives the energetic appearance of the fairy tale character Humpty Dumpty.  Hmm—I wonder where they got that from!  

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

What are some of the symptoms of being cracked?  You might be very sensitive to a whole host of externals such as certain kinds of foods, drugs or alcohol, environmental chemicals, noise or other people’s toxic emotions.  I find that the fractured people also report a higher degree of what they perceive as negative forces that are trying to invade or attack them.  That makes sense as they are much more available and open to stuff coming into their field, and much more sensitive to that when it happens.  A fear of the dark and night terrors are commonly reported, too.  There is a general feeling of lack of safety which can lead to a variety of psychological issues. 

Graham Hancock, in his book “Supernatural”, writes that 2% of the population has the ability to spontaneously shift into the theta brain wave state.  It is in theta that one drifts into the lower astral plane where negative entities and ET’s exist.  This 2% is also the group that is more likely to describe ET encounters and abductions.  I would suspect that those are also in the cracked category, as they are not fully contained by their LEF and are not grounded. 

So what causes the cracking?  Most of this happens in early childhood.  Children by their very nature are much more fluid and malleable than adults, so they crack and loose soul parts very easily when traumatized.  This childhood trauma can be from birth complications, severe illness, accidents or injuries, or severe physical or sexual abuse.  Even total non-bonding with mother at the time of birth can cause this.  Wartime trauma can also crack a child, so you can imagine the damage that is being done to children in the parts of the world where fighting is taking place right now.  Fractured children make for very dysfunctional adults. 

Now, an adult can crack or fracture, too, but it is much less common.  Causes for this would be an extreme illness, accident, severe injury, overdose from drugs or near death experience.  It is important to note that an adult would probably need to experience being unconscious for the fracturing to occur, whereas that would not necessarily be the case for a child.  There are so many documented cases where someone experiences one of the above events and comes out of their unconscious  state with psychic abilities that they hadn’t had before.  In some cases, there was already fracturing present from childhood that got fractured even more through adult trauma. 

On the plus side, adults that experience this cracking are much more able to eventually put themselves back together either spontaneously over time, or with the help of skilled practitioners.  This explains why those who become psychic after experiencing these kinds of traumas often report that their abilities fade with time as they heal. 

So what is the downside of being cracked, especially from birth?  Imagine being in this state and having to live with a lot of fear because you believe that you are being invaded or attacked by forces beyond your control.  I might also be describing the psychological conditions of paranoia or schizophrenia here, but that would be in the extreme.  You might also be living a restricted live because you are so very sensitive to a whole host of externals.  Most of the clients that I see with a degree of cracking are somewhat fragile, sensitive and fearful, and a victim mentality can prevail.  They have also tried a lot of other healing modalities with little success and can be pretty frustrated.  Their lives are not very productive and their spiritual progress is hindered as well. 

The solution is to find a practitioner who recognizes what is going on and can do the repair work.  Going back to heal birth trauma is very important.  Reinstating the grounding is a big necessity, although when dealing with a client who is running a lot of fear and doesn’t really want to be on the planet, this can be a challenging and very gradual process.  It takes a lot to turn that kind of outlook on life around but it can be done.  Yes, Humpty Dumpty can be put back together with a lot of work and TLC on the part of the client and practitioner.


  1. Hi Carla, if one was a little cracked up at times would using Hemi Sync put them at risk of coming into contact with lower astral beings ? Does Hemi sync produce extended periods of Theta brainwave states ?

  2. Hi Cam--I have never run into the lower astral beings while using the Hemi-Sync. That has nothing to do with being cracked or not cracked. It puts your brain waves into theta, but only while you are actually listening to it. It does make it easier for you to attain theta during other meditation exercises. Carla