September 21, 2014

An Ill Wind

Today has been a really off day for me, which is highly unusual.  I thought I’d write about it in case some of you are getting this vibe, too.  It always helps to know that you are not alone with what you may be feeling!

We had a big wind and some rain blow through here in the middle of the night, so I didn’t sleep well after that.  It has remained windy all day.  I was supposed to get up early to do a special hike over at Mesa Verde National Park, and had everything ready to go.  I did get up early, but just couldn’t bring myself to get it together and go.  Very unusual, as I rarely fail to show up to a committed event.  My inner guidance was screaming at me “Stay home.  Don’t go out.”  I did take a walk around the neighborhood, but even though it was bright and sunny, the atmosphere looked like it was tinted the color of dark sunglasses.

So what is going on?  We seem to be in another period of unease on the planet.  There is a sense of dread.  As I let my consciousness drift over the planet looking for anything amiss, I noticed that the Middle East has a huge swirling black hole over it, and it’s getting bigger.  The ring of fire around the Pacific Ocean also drew my attention, with the areas nearest SE Asia, Chile and Alaska being the most active.

Perhaps we are getting ready for a magnetic pole shift?  I am feeling nauseous just at the thought of that one.  We might be experiencing some solar disturbances today, too.   I could also be tapping into a future event that will make itself known soon. 

On a more personal note, it just could be the cold front that is making its way through the area, the ongoing windy day, or my lack of sleep.  Those might be contributing factors, but those things have happened before without the symptoms that I am feeling right now.  Why would I be strongly guided not to go anywhere today?  It’s as if the outside atmosphere was toxic or dangerous. 

So what to do?  The usual grounding and core essence expansion would be of great assistance.  Also, something active like cleaning the house!  Equinox is tomorrow, and is always a nice time to examine where we are out of balance and to come back to center point.  A good night’s sleep will work wonders, too. Tomorrow is a new day.  

UPDATE: Thursday September 25, Alaska experienced a 6.2 earthquake near Anchorage.  


  1. I feel the dread, have been feeling it for years but it has amped up exponentially over the past couple of years. Simply put, it is climate change. Gaia is dying and we are living in a way that is killing her. She will not let that happen though so our so called mastery over her is coming to an end. The climate marches around the world, of which I was a part of, might be too late but I suspect the apathy veil is lifting so perhaps a massive awakening is taking place. And with that comes an awareness and dread as to what is at stake, perhaps you are tuning into that too.

  2. Hi Carla. I was in workshop this weekend and around noon yesterday starting feeling really jumpy and anxious. On the drive home later in the day I was really working with high levels of anxiety, doing all the grounding and core essence expansion I could. I didn't think it was "personal" so am interested to read your blog. Thank you for sharing.
    Also here is an article about quantum entanglement I thought you might enjoy.