August 11, 2014

Original Glory

An interesting phenomenon has been happening with some of my Quantum Sphere Healing clients.  There is a part of the session where a specific theme in their DNA (or genetic inherited lineage) gets cleared.  This happens spontaneously, and does not happen for every client in every session.  I just trust the process and go with what is happening.

Some examples of the inherited themes that have come up to be cleared have to do with slavery, servitude, being less than or second class, violence, being used, or even having a specific physical or emotional dysfunction.  For people who have a strong ET genetic lineage, this can create a lot of patterning that is robotic and electrical.  It also gets cleared during a session.

Bottom line, no matter what the genetic pattern is, it has to start somewhere.  DNA can be affected for the negative through a variety of ways, so there is always an originating event that starts the ball rolling.  In the case of the ET DNA, there is a mating of human and ET that injects the non human patterns into the human.  The clearing that happens during a session has to go back prior to the originating event that distorted the DNA.   

So once the pattern is cleared back through all of the ancestors that live holographically in the client’s genetic patterning, the clean and clear pattern that existed before the distortion happened just automatically comes forward through time to the present.   

At this point a marvelous thing happens.  The energy prior to the distortion comes flooding into the client’s field.  This energy is very high and is a vibrant gold color.  I call this vibration the “original glory” for lack of a better term. 

The more I work with this energy, I am convinced that the clearing not only goes back prior to the introduction of the distortion, but also prior to the DNA itself.  That means that one of the client’s personal stargates has been accessed to let this energy in!  If this is true, then it is probably 5th dimensional unified consciousness energy that exists and has always existed above and beyond the synthetic matrix. 

I had a question from a client the other day about the chakra dynamics in her family.  She and her husband have removed their chakras, and upon recent checking, it turns out that her 10 year old son’s chakras are no longer there without him doing anything to remove them. This has probably happened through the genetic pathways that unite the family.  Ultimately, we are all one big family, and the 100th monkey effect will start to come into play for not only the chakra removal but with all sorts of energetic transformations such as accessing the original glory.  More and more people will shift faster and faster.  And easier and easier!  The tedious and time consuming processes that we go through now will soon become a thing of the past. 

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