July 11, 2014

Too Many Hobbies

Just yesterday a close friend of mine e-mailed and asked if I were OK since I hadn’t been writing as many posts lately.  I thought that if she is wondering, some of you might be wondering also.  Not to worry, I am just fine.  Busy but fine. 

I think that I am experiencing what a lot of healers are now, and what I have predicted for a long time.  It seems that the energetic acceleration and ungroundedness that people are experiencing across the board has pushed them to get help for the distressing symptoms that they may be experiencing.  Stuff is up to be cleared big time and time is of the essence.   We healers are all very busy, and I do not see that letting up any time soon.

On top of that, I just have too many hobbies, most of which ramp up in the summer.  Starting around this time last year, I spent about 2 months perfecting my French Macaron recipe.  Success!  I recently got a great new camera so I am out photographing wildflowers, birds, fireworks, Mesa Verde National Park, mountains, blades of grass, you name it. 

We have started our annual monsoon season here in the southwest US, so in a month or so I will be out hunting mushrooms in elevations above 10,000 feet.  We need a juicy rainy season to get a good crop.  Looks good so far.  Add to all of this my gardening, Zumba classes, hiking, visits from out of town friends and on and on.  One sad note is that the blossoms on my fruit trees all froze because of several late killing frosts this spring, so no canning of peaches this year.  Boo. 

Anyway, I hope to get a good post out this weekend, and will also be doing the radio interview on Sunday on Ever Beyond out of Scotland.  It is a 2 hour show so we should be able to cover a lot of ground.  Later! 


  1. The secret to successfully navigating our future is understanding, knowing healing our wounded past, and a boost push from people like you... for everything is vibrations... Thank you for being here on Earth at this time Carla and all the true organic healers from the true organic light.... Blessings to all !!!