January 21, 2014

The Challenge

I am getting ready to go out of town to visit 2 friends who live in the same state but different cities.  One of them comes to Cortez several times a year, so I know her very well.  The other is someone that I met on a trip several years ago and haven’t seen in person since then even though we e-mail and speak on the phone every once in a while.  The one I know well is pretty laid back and takes life as it comes, making plans in the moment without a lot of prior arrangements.  We get to where we are supposed to be and see what happens from there. 

My other friend has been trying to micromanage my trip from every angle since I told her that I was coming!  This has included numerous e-mails regarding sightseeing options, shopping options, what clothes to bring, shoes to wear, restaurants to eat at and the food she needs to buy for the house.  I would rather just show up and go from there, which is actually what will be happening for the most part. 

So this will be a great opportunity to practice staying in my authentic self and being centered and balanced no matter what happens with either friend.  In other words, maintaining my equanimity.  The challenge referred to in the title for this post may turn out to be nothing at all, or a big hoo dee hoo.  Time will tell!  I’ll be posting again when I return from my mad adventure.

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