January 20, 2014

January Launch

Our launching group met yesterday after a few months’ hiatus.  What a mellow gathering it was!  It seems that each time we get together the energy that we experience is more refined, unified and elevated than the time before.

We spent some time before the actual launching catching up and also discussing the work of Andrew Bartzis, galactic historian.  Andrew has spoken a lot about the upcoming changes that we are hoping will manifest in 2014.  Check out his YouTube videos and his web site for more information on this.  His information is so complex and yet comprehensive that it bears repeated listening to even start to get it all!

The intent for my launch was to clarify and enhance my soul codes.  Apparently, our soul information has been distorted, co-opted and traded off during humanity’s very long sojourn on planet earth.  Because of this, we have been disconnected from our Earth Mother and placed under the dominion of many off planet races.  Earth is the jewel in our galaxy, and has been fought over too many times to count.  Our job is to regain our personal sovereignty so that we can be free to deeply connect with planet earth once she regains her sovereignty. We will become co-creative partners with her once again.  All of this is in the works.  I do feel that another way of doing this is to disconnect from the synthetic realities that George Kavassilas talks about. 

On a very positive note, one of our members has been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis for a number of years now.  She goes to the doctor several times a year to have her condition monitored via blood work, and was so dramatically improved this last time that her physician asked her what exactly she had been doing.  Wow!!!  On the 3D level, she has been eating a diet of mostly live, organic and consciously grown foods for a long time now, but she has another explanation.  She attributes this improvement to having removed her chakras over a year ago.  By doing this she has eliminated the inflow of negative energy that we all live in and is sent our way every day.  Check out the post on this for more information on how to remove your chakra system. 

Regaining our sovereignty means that we will get healthier and healthier because we are clearing out the artificially installed patterns for disease that we all have.  We will gradually return to our natural state of perfect health! 


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  2. Lance White/Zany Mystic (friend and interviewer of Andrew Bartzis--and more) wants your email address,Carla. I discovered your blog site because of his recommendation. Lance's sites can be contact thru his sites: www.galactichistory.com and www.afiresidechat.com I am Angel-Light Love.

  3. Hello Angel-Light,
    I will contact Lance via his e-mail and see what develops! Hope you are enjoying the blog. Thank you so much for getting in touch.
    Many Blessings to you, Carla