January 12, 2014

A New ET Race?

Or not?  This week, while working on a new client, a new race of being showed up that I had never encountered before.  I put it in the extraterrestrial category because it partially fit the criteria of where I find ET attachments in the human energy field. 

I will know if a client has a strong genetic ET lineage if they have energetic implants in their head.  This predisposition is inherited from mom or dad.  I am mainly talking about the predatory or “negative” ET’s here.  We all have some ET genetics, but in those who have a stronger lineage, it can be a real problem.  They can exacerbate or even cause a whole host of medical conditions in the head such as migraines, chronic headaches, eye problems, brain tumors, in addition to insomnia, night terrors or fear of the dark.  In the case of my client, who is in her 20’s, she has been experiencing a lot of tinnitus.  That was a big tipoff as to what I might find while doing the healing work.

I track the implants by slowly running my hands above but not touching the client’s head.  I am sensing for an electrical sparking or cold stream of air that is streaming out.  This pinpoints the location of the implant.  I then go through a specific procedure to destroy and remove the implant.  While I am doing this, the race that is connected to the implant will show up just outside my healing space.  After making a note as to what race it is, the implant is destroyed and the ET disappears. 

Normally I do not dialog with them and just go through the procedure.  This case was different.  Upon starting to remove the implants from my client’s temples, a being appeared that I had never seen before.  It took the form of a whitish ball with short legs, about 1.5 feet tall and as round as it was wide.  I could not see any distinguishable features, but it was able to communicate with me.  It was also extremely electrical.  Now, all ETs are somewhat electrical by nature and that is why they do not harmonize with the mostly magnetic human energy field, hence the health problems in those with a strong ET lineage. 

Here is the information that I got from this being.  It said that it is fairly new to this planet, having something to do with the planet Venus.  When I asked how it got here, it said that it came along with some of the other ET races.  It has been entering and flowing with the energy of electricity, radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF), and showed me how it could make itself much smaller to merge in with these energies, in particular through electrical wires.  It also said that it is much easier to get into a human body now since many more of us are “cracked”, in other words, our Luminous Energy Fields are not intact and whole.  I quickly finished the extraction and reported back to my client.  Certainly, this could have been contributing to her tinnitus.  

So now you see why I put this entity into the ET category.  Perhaps it is in a category all of its own, an off planet being that is now newly coming to the planet to invade the human body via electricity, radiation or EMF.  A pretty scary thought.  It reminds me of the post I wrote about the entities associated with gluten and sugar. 

My advice here?  Do whatever you can to minimize your exposure to the above mentioned energy sources.  I know that in this day and age, it can be tough to do depending on your lifestyle.  I live in the country, do not have a smart phone, and do not have WiFi in my house.  There is a web site called www.caravantomidnight.com that markets all sorts of devices in their store section to deal with the EMF and radiation issues that can cause so much trouble.  My client, for example, told me that her smart phone never leaves her side.  I encouraged her to look into ways of changing that, starting with an earpiece on a cord that she can plug into her phone.  Holding a smart phone up to the head is definitely not a good idea. 

I am assuming that this electrical ET will start showing up in more clients and I can continue to gather more information on it.  This is just the start.  As I wrote in the post on the sugar and gluten issues, entities feed off of a reaction that one has to a substance.  Seems like now we have to add electricity, radiation and EMF to the list of substances that the various entities use to feed off of our energetic reactions.    

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