December 29, 2013

More on the Dark Ceiling

After writing the last post I knew that there was more information to be received on the layer of heavy energy that is hovering above the surface of the planet.  I also received an e-mail from my dear friend Julie Wiley letting me know that she has been feeling the same thing since December 24th, so we have a mutual confirmation here. 

Today, I hiked one of my favorite local trails called Sand Canyon.  There are several out of the way nooks along that trail where I like to sit to receive information.  It is so magical to be surrounded by the sand stone formations, the ruins of cliff dwellings and the layers of red rocks, especially on a bright sunny winter’s day like today.  So here is what I received.

A matrix has been created to collect all of the negative emotions and thought forms generated by humans.  I am assuming that this is a creation tied to the synthetic realities, but of course, on some level, we are also co-creators of this matrix.  We are testing ourselves to see if we can regain our sovereignty and personal spiritual power and finally move on to our next destination.  I also sense that there are many off planet beings that are taking advantage of this situation and feeding off of the heavy energy that is being collected.  It is food for some of them, and we are providing the buffet.

This structure also serves to keep us stuck here in the 4th dimensional arena, and it is getting thicker as it drops closer to the surface of the planet.  According to Andrew Bartzis, if I remember him correctly, there have been no “graduations” or ascensions from planet earth for over 400,000 years.  He says that we are holding up many other star societies from graduating, as we need to go first to start the process for the others.  We are causing a bottleneck.  Something must be getting ready to happen, as the fence is being reinforced so that the cattle (us) do not escape, so to speak.  Andrew says that our graduation time is finally coming up. 

It is important to realize that we cannot use the “light” to fight the darkness, even if it is our own.  This just keeps us mired in the polarity of good vs. bad, positive vs. negative, or light vs. dark.  One will never progress with that outlook.  Own your part in this, but also have gratitude for the lessons to be learned here.  Please read the previous post for help on how to deal with this.  Since we are the micro of planet earth’s macro, look at how you experience this theme in your personal life.  How do you experience the lack of personal sovereignty?  Do you come second to your job or your relationships?  Are you a slave to your home, property or money?  What is happening in the 4D arena around the planet is undoubtedly happening to you in some way. 

I have been following my own advice on how to deal with the heavy energy pressing down on me, and feel much better than I did yesterday, although I still perceive the structure above.  It is up to each one of you to work this in any way that is appropriate for you.  Have fun with it, too. 


  1. Thanks for posting about these heavy energies. I was wondering what was going on!

  2. I am getting similar reports from others, too. Thanks for sharing!