October 27, 2013

Linkup to the Future

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a prospective client asking for a session.  Her main concern was wanting to know where she was going into the future with her life and I told her that that question was more appropriate for a psychic reading than a shamanic healing session.  We did not end up booking the session as she was also having a hard time honing in on and communicating to me what she really needed.

That got me to thinking about where I was going with my life in the future.  We all have many future potentials in front of us and that is why the future is so hard to predict.  Especially now, with so much chaos and change in our world, it is harder than ever to look into the future and say for certain where any of us will be next year or even next week! 

So this morning I decided to sit in meditation and tap into one of my future potentials.  In many of my shamanic workshops, I teach the concept of the momentum tunnel.  We all stand at a point in the now after having emerged from a time “tunnel” that connects us to our past.  The now moment is always refreshing itself, taking reference from the past.  As we come out of this tunnel, we are on a straight line course to our most probable future outcome.  There are other future outcomes for sure, but they are not as likely as the one that we are heading straight towards. 

The future informs our present just as the past does since all 3 time frames are on the same straight timeline.  The past memories and energy can be changed literally by changing our present.  This can be done by doing some healing work that helps us reframe past events in a more positive light.  In the same way, our present can be changed by connecting to a future that is not in our direct line of sight.  If one can grab onto an alternate future possibility, then the present starts to shift to align with that future.  In addition, you will find that the new future will literally pull you towards it. 

I sat down and did a Quantum Sphere Healing session on myself with the theme of my future in mind.  The last few times I have worked on myself in this manner, it did not involve the usual QSH protocol, but instead involved going on a journey with my Higher Self into the “everywhere and everywhen” of the Quantum Field.

Meeting with my Higher Self is always such an emotional experience.  Today was no exception.  My heart bursts open each time I meet with the all knowing, all loving and ever present aspect of myself.  I expressed my desire to see some aspect of my future.  I do know that each and every one of us has a joyous and light filled future out there somewhere and that future can change our lives right now.  This is where my Higher Self took me.

The surroundings were glowing brightly and there were shapes and forms drifting past us.  Nothing was very well defined.  I could feel myself merging with some of the forms as they came up to me, and that merging was of a heart to heart nature.  When we separated, each remained whole and intact, as no energy had been given or taken, just shared.  I suspect that they were all aspects of myself on a higher dimensional level. What a wonderful experience that was, a high like no other!  Bliss, joy, ecstasy and presence. 

As I came back into the Quantum Field with my Higher Self, I could see and feel a stream of energy from that future potential connecting right into my core essence.  A link up had been created that would be informing all of my present now moments. The magic is that when something like this happens, the past shifts, too.  Traumatic memories fade, and one looks upon their past as being more harmonious and supportive than it actually may have been.  As always, I thanked my Higher Self before coming back fully into the room. 

You can do this exercise with any future in mind, even one that is more 3D such as health or finances.  I do recommend that you use an aspect of yourself to guide you.  I used my Higher Self and headphones listening to a gamma sound track to keep my brain waves in the right mode.  In my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, I describe a method of meeting your PG (Personal Guide) and recommend using the Hemi-Sync© Meditation CD for that.

 I am convinced that each and every one of you have this kind of potential future somewhere up ahead of you.  It’s just a matter of finding it, linking up with it and then allowing that future to start informing all of your present now moments.  Our planet is still heading into a very dicey time and world events will affect each person differently.  How you are affected is up to you.  Connecting to your positive future will make a big difference for you and those near and dear to you, too.

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