October 5, 2013

It's So Quiet

It’s been so quiet lately.  At least that’s the way it seems to me.  I am speaking of energetically and internally, but that is also reflected in the external environment as well.  Fall is here and the natural world is starting wind down for the winter months.  The birds have migrated and the last of the vegetables have been harvested out of the garden.  It’s a nice time of year to be out and about on a sunny day. 

Ever since the government shut down this week, the sense of quietude has been very pronounced. Could it be possible that the synthetic matrix programming that rules our government is having less of an effect on us during this shut down?  I live near Mesa Verde National Park, which of course has been closed along with all of the other national parks.  This has left hundreds of fall seasonal tourists and tour groups of all ages scrambling to make alternate plans, so the area is not quite as busy as it would be this time of year. 

Those who have removed their chakras routinely experience more inner peace and quiet as a result. Mine have been gone for about a year now and yet lately the inner quietude has noticeably deepened.  What a wonderful feeling.  Your outer world is always a manifestation of your inner state of being, so the inner is where the quiet would originate from.  Your outer life may be busy but I suspect that if you take the time to go within you may resonate with what I am sensing.

I decided to tune in to get some sense of what is happening.  Wow!!!  It seems that we are in a “pause” mode as we get ready for our next phase of acceleration.  I have been getting inklings of this for the last month or so, too.  My sense is that 2014 will be another doozy for individuals and the planet as well.  Comet ISON is already in our solar system, and there is no telling what its effects will be, as this will be the first time that it has come our way.  It will start becoming more visible as the weeks progress towards Thanksgiving. 

The Sun is also in the process of going through its once every 11 year magnetic pole reversal, which should be completed in the next few months.  That is bound to have an effect on the planet and all life here.  I can think of a whole host of events that could dynamically start our forward motion again, from global financial and political events, to large natural disasters, to something coming at us from outer space. Ultimately, there may be no way of predicting what events will occur that will start the acceleration moving forward or how dynamic that movement will be.

Here is a symbolic representation of what I got while tuning in to the upcoming energies for 2014.  Let’s say that you are a contestant on the TV game show “Let’s Make a Deal”.  Wayne Brady has just walked up to you and offered what is behind curtain #1.  But wait!  He has also offered what is behind curtains #2 and #3, in addition to what is inside any number of big fancy boxes that are up front.  How about what is behind an infinite number of doors?  Do you get to choose just one prize, or can you have several, or all of them?  And you only have one minute to decide!  Of course, some of the prizes will be duds, but you won’t know that until you actually pick that prize.   It’s pretty fun but confusing all at the same time.  This is what 2014 will be like once the “play” button is pushed. 

Will we get to make conscious choices as to where we will head once things are moving along again?  Maybe not from the “little self” point of view which may be frustrating for those who are used to running their lives from the needs and wants of the ego.  Keep in mind that our higher aspects have the bigger view on our lives, and are and have been making choices for us based on the plan for this lifetime.  Perhaps all we need to do is go with the flow, take life one step at a time, and have fun with whatever is waiting for us behind curtain number infinity! 

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